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Top 5 iOS Ringtones, Reviewed

You are coasting down the main drag of your small town on a scooter. But in this world, scooters are not universally mocked. Scooters are the smooth, gliding chariots of the respected. It is a balmy, spring afternoon. Your favorite townspeople eagerly wave to you from the storefronts of their successful small businesses. You are […]

Ayn Rand was Nuts

I find it to be an offensive irony, a toxic irony, that Lyndon Baines Johnson—the founder of the so-called Great Society, which I consider to be the greatest insult to the individual man since Immanuel Kant first laid out his preposterous theory of the noumenal, that is to say, not objective reality—that I should share […]


The part at about 2:00 is particularly… something.

ICR, together with the rest of the creation science movement, has made great strides in the last 40 years. In many areas, the superiority of the creation worldview has been clearly demonstrated. Even now, ICR is making exciting discoveries in the fields of biology and geology, and we have started new research initiatives in the […]

George Carlin on Stuff

Shark Week Promo Rehab Seal

Natalie thought this was a real newscast. 😛 😀

The Golfer and the Goose

This is the 4-minute animated short that Andrez Aguayo and I completed for our senior capstone class at DePaul University.

I will point out, however, that vertical videos work quite well for the golf swing. It's more vertical than horizontal, and Analyzr lets you rotate videos (and they stay rotated).

Luckies Hole in One Ever?

Probably not, but it may be the luckiest on a major professional tour.

April Fails

How do this many things: a) go wrong, b) get caught on camera, c) get sent in to be compiled? The video is roughly four days long!!!

What Months?

What months have 28 days? All of them! 🙂

Road Rage Karma

Bad Lip Reading

There are more such videos here.

Sweet Brown Meme

How anyone has the time to do this is beyond me, but… at least nobody was snatchin' your people up this time.