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An American Crotch Rocket

Why? you might ask, well apparently jumping out of planes at high altitudes, with only an umbrella for a parachute wasn't quite dangerous enough. Which is why Dodge has built the Tomahawk. A machine made of nothing more than four wheels, handle bar, gas tank, and a 8.3 liter V-10 engine capable of 500 horsepower. […]

One Ring to Rule the USA

Frodo has failed to keep the ring away from Dubya. As can be seen in this inconceivably crisp picture, none other than George W. wearing the Ring! Eeek! (No, I still have not seen LoTR 2. I did see LoTR 2 times, though). I seriously think I'm the anti-nerd geek. I don't really care for […]

2003 Predictions

Not mine, but from TextIsm come some 2003 predictions, including: JUNE In a coffee shop, a woman with a BA in English will admit her affection for J.R.R. Tolkien, causing her companion, whom she will just have met after a lengthy exchange via an online dating service, to glaze over and think about dinner, which […]

How to Win at Scrabble

Gotta keep this in mind for the next time I play... (source) According to Craig Rowland, Scrabble in North America recognizes five words which, if spelled over two triple-word score squares, and with a premium-scoring tile on the double-letter score square, will award the player 392 points on a single play. These five words are: […]

Are you in a boy band, incapable of understanding words longer than a syllable or two? Can't quite grok the meaning of a sentence that does not end with "oooh baby?" Or do you just have a really short attention span. Either way, this page will teach you Einstein's Theory of Relativity using words no […]

“That’s the WHOLE Computer?”

Me: I'm always amazed at how many people think that "wow, that's the whole computer?" when they see the iMac Josh: i like the people who thought the cube was a subwoofer Me: These same people are not amazed by laptops, yet, "wow, it's all in THAT tiny thing?" is their response to the iMac. […]

Segway Boring

I'm a geek, and as such, I would really like a Segway. However, until the price drops below a thousand bucks, I won't get one. I work from home, and aside from driving it around (riding it around?) my apartment complex, what would I do with it? I don't live in Manhattan. What would anyone […]

The Far Side Ends

I peeked ahead to the end of my 2002 Far Side calendar - the last Far Side yearly calendar they'll be making - and proved correct a theory I had in January: that every day's comic involved someone or something dying, already dead, or being fatally injured. I'll miss the Far Side daily calendar, but […]

Pretty Smart Guy

I like this quote: I'm a pretty smart guy. The problem with being relatively more intelligent than most people is that 90% of the time, they have no friggin' clue what you're talking about. It's from this article about how standards bodies... suck. My friend Kelly once told me that "if everyone were as smart […]

Miscellaneous Eve

Just some random things to make up for my complete lack of posting yesterday (The Steelers whupped that Tamba Bay Buccaneer team right good, I done say.)

Poof! Name that Movie

Think you can name the movie you see to the right? Want to give it a shot, bucko? Go ahead, try your hand at "Invisibles" by Invisibles presents you with eight still shots from movies with all traces of flesh removed. All you see is costumes and scenery? Can you tell what the image […]

Pop v. Soda

Which side are you on? I've always said "pop." At Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week (hi Kelly, hi Molly) we pretty much figured out that the dividing line for PA was about mid-state (and vertical). Anyway, it's "pop" darnit. Actually, whatever it is, it better not be Pepsi. For me anyway. When you're all done with […]

Misc: Cute Girls in Scarves

Today as I drove around after returning "Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood" (I think Sandra Bullock is an adorable creature, but even this movie could not be saved. UGH!), I saw a young woman sitting in her Cabrio convertible (are they all?). So here I am, sitting in a light ADC t-shirt, shorts, […]

Clone Your Bone

Want to see your private parts in wax? The "fine" folks at Match Your Snatch can do just that for you? As seen here, these "skilled" workers sell kits that allow you to model your very own genitalia (or, I presume, that of your loved ones...) in wax. You too can "clone your bone." As […]