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Tiger Oil Memos

Do not speak to me when you see me. If I want to to speak to you, I will do so. I want to save my throat. I don't want to ruin it by saying hello to all of you sons-of-bitches. More here. Hilarious.

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Uhhh…??? Thanks, Family Feud on Facebook.

And Underneath…?

Is it just me, or does this slogan lead to an obvious follow-up question? 😛

Alex King has a list of Inevitable Truths for Mature People. I've always liked lists like this, though I can't come up with them on my own. Of the ones I liked the most: - Nothing sucks more than that moment during an argument when you realize you're wrong. - There is great need for […]

Three Wheeled Car on Top Gear

Iron Baby

Award Winning Film Parody

The below video is hilarious, and in the same vein as this TV news parody video:

Not as Hard as Hobey Baker

This is funny. BTW, Hobey Baker died December 21, 1918. Pretty clear to me that Steigy had read something that morning and it stuck in his head, then came out in the waning moments of a lousy, boring game. A lot of people think he should be fined or even fired, but if I was […]

Erie on SNL

It gets there eventually. 😛 My high school - or more specifically my high school's mascot - was supposedly the #2 item on a David Letterman top 10 list for wimpiest or lamest mascots, but I haven't ever seen that video.

I joked a few years ago that the Steelers had hired Omar Epps as their new coach. Now the joke has finally made its way to the television show House.

I love a good ripping. I love swimming against the tide of "popularity," particularly when most of those gliding down-river are doing so without any particular thought as to why they're doing so. Because it's easy? Because everyone else is doing it? The first article is here and the second is here. And yes, they're […]

Swearing Eases Pain

Lookee, they've found that swearing eases pain. That explains why so many people swear on the golf course.

Remembering Jokes

Recently, my favorite joke has been a rather simple one. Apologies in advance if you're religious or offended by jokes about stereotypes. A priest and a rabbi walk into a church. They see an altar boy lighting some candles. The priest says "Boy, I'd like to screw that boy." The rabbi asks "Out of what?" […]

Turn the Camera, Honey

I almost forgot about this, but one day in Disney World a woman was taking a picture of her husband and their two sons, and the husband was trying to tell the wife to turn the camera from landscape orientation to portrait. Man: "Turn the camera, honey." Wife: "Huh?" Man: "Just turn it, the picture […]

Arrrrgh! Me mateys tell me DirecTV is supposed to launch 30+ new HD channels today, but avast, I've not yet seen the proof. Ahoy!