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ADA as Coaster

Apple Design Awards make great coasters. iPods not so much.

Presidential Sports

I like this post from The Sand Trap .com: Both John Kerry and George W. Bush were asked the same question: If you could play one game of anything you wanted against your opponent, what would it be? How did they answer? Can you guess? Click and find out. Comment on that site if you […]

Unnecessary Information

My mom forwarded me a message that contained a bunch of "unnecessary information." It is, indeed, but some of it is flat out wrong! See if you can't debunk a few of these puppies. I've gotten a few myself. Many years ago in Scotland, a new game was invented. It was ruled "Gentlemen Only… Ladies […]


From this: Aftertheuseofahairdryereverythingworksexceptthespacebar Is it just me, or does the word "sex" pop out at you if you look at that word without trying to determine what sentence it forms?

When Geeks Dine Out

To three decimal places, geeks tipping: $33.33 (repeating) + $6.66 (repeating) is a pair of twenties. Or, well, $40 on your credit card.

eBay Scam?

I got this email via my eBay auction from an interested buyer: hello, My client is interested in buying ur item and he wants to pay via Cashier check,he will issue a cashier check which will include the money for the item,my commission as an agent and also the shipping charges,Immediately u get the check,you […]

Pathetic iTMS Partial Album

Yep. It's pathetic.

Multimedia Instructor

Now I ask you, gentle blog visitor: what in the hell does "3D modeling" and "Animation" have to do with "E-Commerce" and "PHP"? My goodness: this has to be one of the worst jobs ever! Talk about "jack of all trades, master of none." The minimum requirements for this kind of job must be "can […]

Freaky Dog

No comment.

I swear to $DEITY, that's the headline.

iPod Etiquette

It's "official" too as it comes from Apple: Remove both earbuds: During a job interview Taking your driver's test When your sweetie calls Remove one earbud: Listening for your flight Buying groceries When a coworker calls Leave 'em in: Visiting the inlaws At the laundromat When your boss calls

I recommend against clicking the "Read More" links at this Gizmodo article: SmartKlamp: Single-Use, Automatic Circumcisions. I'm all for the future. I mean, look at where you're at, who you're talking to. I like the future so much that I even like the past's futures, futures that were planted with love but never quite formed […]

Messing with the Bride

How to mess with the mom of the bride, who's handling most of the planning: The bride (my friend Crystal) was in cahoots on this one. The inside of the card reads "2 is fine." B-)

Software Versus Reality

It's a good thing Apple is around to remind us of the differences between the physical and the virtual worlds in which we work, play, and live (Frameset link): For example, the number of items a user puts in the Trash is not limited to the number of items a physical wastebasket could hold. How […]

Freedom Tags

The English plainly reads: Wash with warm water Use mild soap Dry flat Do not use bleach Do not dry in the dryer Do not iron The French portion contains an extra section. Translated, it reads: We are sorry that our President is an idiot We did not vote for him. Neither did I… This […]