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Some Memes are Worth Missing

Uhm, okay.

Terry Tate

I wonder if you could find an online Terry Tate to sack people remotely. That sounds like a good business model: "Send-a-Sack". You can remotely "send a sack" to a deserving individual for $29.95, or send up to five per month with a monthly subscription cost of $99.95. Maybe even a "Super Sacker" plan: one […]

Magical Shoes HA HA HAH AHA HAH.

How Not to Smile

Nice smile Geno.

For our latest mission we filled a New York park with eight sets of identical quadruplets, creating a surreal experience for anyone who happened to be walking through the park.

Monthly Parking Avaliable

I love when large signs like this have relatively obvious typos that go unchanged for months and months and months.

If Caught In Trunk, Pull, Leap, Run

From Instagram (follow me if you'd like - I'm "iacas"), this one amused the group of us. Seriously, huh? Pull the tab, hop out of the car, and run away? That's goofy. Additionally, I ran a 5K in Florida today. 3.14 miles in 29:27 IIRC. I definitely need to continue to practice my long runs. […]

When I recently complained on the Interwebs that running on a treadmill was just soooooo boring I never wanted to do it again, someone suggested that instead of listening to music I listen to a podcast or audio book because, unlike the music which fades into background noise, the talking will force me to stay […]

11/11/11 11:11:11

Happy 11/11/11 11:11:11 everybody!

November Pants

Big Weenie

I didn't get a weenie there, but I did get a nice bit of homemade custard in a waffle cone.

Golf Cart Gaffes

Theater Texting PSA

Full story is here, but the basics are that the theater made this PSA after kicking out a texter.

Cripsy Fries

From a Brown Derby (in Columbus, OH) menu. D'oh!

Lego Golfing

From this thread on The Sand Trap.