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Archive for the 'Silly' Category

50 State Stereotypes (in 2 minutes)

Uh, the phone number seems to be missing some numbers. On purpose, perhaps?

Five Feather Discount


An Irishman woks out of a bar.

Worm in Your Apple

What's worse than finding a worm in your apple? Mass genocide.


I love me some A dyslexic man walks into a bra.

Futurama as an NES Game

You Go, Penguin!

Your Fired!

Whatever party this guy supports, I wonder if they're glad to have him. Did he get the "moran" guy to make his sign?

Animals Talking

Steve! Steve! Steve! Update: Removed? What?

This Incident Will Be Reported

One of my favorite xkcds of all time,

James Van Der Meme

If you've seen this GIF before: Then this video might be funny to you, as well as this: I can't help but notice that something's been lost, though:

Ben Crane on Working Out

Ben Crane is one of the slowest golfers on the PGA Tour. But at least he's got a sense of humor…

Slow Motion