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nePatriots = bigCheaters;

Miss Teen South Carolina

Can't say much about this except, uhm, wow? P.S. This is a good response.

You Park Like An

I sometimes wish I had a few of these cards handy, but I would only use them in really bad cases (unlike many of those in the gallery), and even then I'd be too chicken to use 'em. Spread the love, not the hate, people. But get a good laugh where you can, too. 🙂

Simplest Poll Ever


Obituary: Common Sense

Though I don't agree with all of this (and it contains some factual inaccuracies or misleading parts), it's still amusing and more accurate than I would ever wish. From an email forward, the obituary for Common Sense: Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for […]

Photoshopped Animals

Link is here. I should consider setting up a "QuickLinks" category, but for now, you just get them like this. 🙂

Time’s Person of the Year

The joke is now well-known, but thanks to Dan Wood, it's a bit easier to see yourself as Time's Person of the Year. I guess that means Gruber I was wrong about the recent security update.

The Pencil Drop

John Gruber said this in linking to this article by Seth Godin: Back in elementary school, I was the kid in class who organized the pencil drop. The trick to long-term success was to identify the class narcs and make sure they, i.e. the narcs, didn't know I was the one who started it. And […]

It's not "nucular!" And is it just me, or does CTU LA get infiltrated every season?

I’d Rather be Cummins

The stickers on the back of the truck in this photo, taken with my camera phone while driving in Ohio on I-90 read "I'd Rather be Cummins Then Strokin'." The fact that the bozo has his grammatical ignorance on display for all to see is at least close to being the most amusing thing about […]

The Definition of Success

Success - /suh k-ses'/, noun - the happy feeling you get between the time you do something and the time you tell a woman what you did. (attr: Dilbert.) Sounds about right. 😛

Great Real Estate Deal

How can we resist? 3,600 square feet, 1.73 acres, 50 parking spaces… and only $8! We'll put in a bid for double that, all cash, with a flexible move-in date. Awesome!

Spotted today while driving on I-90 near Erie, PA:

Giant Penis Signs

"If you let half a torso balance on your giant penis, be sure to point exactly where you want them to cut it off with their cleaver." If nothing else, Ze Frank sure has me looking at commonplace signs in a whole new way. And I don't mean those "Slow children playing" signs, either - […]

Corn Hole Games for Sale

Here's an image I took on my cell phone in Ohio. If you can't quite make out the sign, it says: "Corn Hole Games 4 Sale". You can click the image for a larger version.