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Sometimes UI is life or death: As the airliner entered the worst of the weather, Bonin told the cabin crew to prepare for turbulence. Eight minutes later, everyone on board would be dead.

Jesper has some good points about the loose ends Apple has yet to answer. Daniel Jalkut asks Apple to Fix the Sandbox, which isn't really Mountain Lion specific, but is still looming ((Even with the pushed-back - again - deadline, it's looming.)). I'm not keen on his suggestions, but they started a discussion so they're […]

John Gruber's Take on the Announcement MacWorld's Article (Actually a bunch of articles) Panic's article on Gatekeeper (Though I think calling the current OS X "like having a jailbroken iPhone" is a bit of a reach.) FWIW, I like a lot of the changes in Mountain Lion. P.S. Notes on OS X, eh? Good, but […]

News is just now coming out about Gatekeeper in Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8). It sounds like a reasonable compromise, but my concern is that this is a stepping stone towards Apple locking down Mac development even further. A quote about sacrificing liberties for a little protection and deserving neither springs to mind. Still, I'm […]

Good stuff.

Nice! We'll update it in Analyzr soon!

A quick list. Add your own, please, in the comments. Inconsolata/Consolas Anonymous/Anonymous Pro Menlo Monaco ProFont (and variations) Vera Sans Mono What would you add? What do you prefer?

As a quick follow-up to yesterday's post, current plans are: "Plan B" (Highly likely this is actually Plan A): Subclass NSSlider to add a second slider. (Alternative: create our own view rather than subclassing - not sure how difficult this is…) The sliders shouldn't be able to overlap. That'll enforce a "minimum" length, which is […]

I've got what you could consider a movie view in a window that looks like this: What I'd like to add are some trimming controls, ideally something similar to the ones used in QuickTime Player: Are there any open source, free, or even paid libraries that contain this type of UI, or is Apple keeping […]

For a limited time (unless we decide otherwise :D), Cyndicate is only $9.95, either from our own web store or in the Mac App Store. Version 2.0 speeds things up really nicely, and for my money, Cyndicate is still far and away the best Syndicated News Reader available.

Check it out here.

Here you go. Cyndicate 2.0 is now available in the Mac App Store. This update is pretty slick… details to come.

Eye-Fi Card on the Way

When I'd previously asked about Eye-Fi cards I was interested in them primarily from a tech, ease-of-use perspective. Well, a few people using Analyzr have asked about "live capture" of swings. This has historically been done on a machine hooked up to two Firewire- or, occasionally, USB-driven cameras to capture swings immediately into the software. […]

A year in the making, almost to the day, Analyzr is now shipping for Mac OS X 10.6. Available in both Home and Pro models and at a special introductory price of $45 and $449, Analyzr is far and away the best video analysis software for sports (primarily golf) on Mac OS X, and arguably, […]

Analyzr. Sign up today, check your email Sunday morning.