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Tim Bray: You can't make money. Seriously, Apple is always talking about the billions and billions they pay out of the app store, so why is it that I don't know anyone who's making serious money on mobile apps? I know plenty of people making money. I guess Tim just doesn't know any of them. […]

The ABRMS license at GitHub will be popular with a few software developers. 🙂

Wow. Their ReactionAnd what did Misha (or staff) from MacUpdate do on the other hand? Removed the "Featured" red highlight for all Koingo applications on MacUpdate. Deleted every 3+ star review on every Koingo app on MacUpdate, but left all the bad ones. Posted "MacUpdate does not recommend software from Koingo Software" tags on all […]

Signing and Mavericks: Very simply put, you can no longer sign a bundle (like your .app) if any nested bundle in that package is unsigned. These nested bundles are things like helper executables, embedded frameworks, plug-ins and XPC services. The result is that you'll need to update your Xcode projects as soon as you start […]

Update — We're unable to offer upgrade pricing for Mac App Store purchases - The Omni Group. P.S. An Upgrade Is a New App

Michael Tsai with the first of the news.

Turn your sound down if there's a chance of waking or annoying someone. I liked trying to guess them before looking at the name in the top left corner.

Yeah. Of course! 😀 But it's still worth reading this article.

What happens when pirates play a game development simulator and then go bankrupt because of piracy? This is all true. A game developer made a game in which the player assumes the role of a game developer. He seeded unlocked copies of his game online so people could easily pirate it, with one small change: […]

The protocol-relative URL - Paul Irish In short, just specify things like this: <img src="//"> The "//" will fetch via HTTPS or HTTP depending on how the user is currently visiting.

A good read about how the littlest design decisions affect things on a fairly wide scale: Checkboxes that kill your product — Alex Limi.

Watch at 2:20 and after hearing the challenge Ive talks about the importance of being careful with the words you choose when thinking of design because they alone can influence the outcome. It's true in more than design.

Found this GIF while cleaning up my Downloads folder. It's interesting how many little changes took what was the first icon (inspired by actual pulp fiction) to the final icon. PulpFiction and its replacement Cyndicate remain two of my most favorite applications I've developed (including some I've never released but which I use weekly). Ho […]

The Magical Tech

I'm just bookmarking this one for later… The Magical Tech Behind Paper For iPad's Color-Mixing Perfection

FlipBook HD

FlipBook HD is now available, and it's pretty sweet. If you own an iPad, check it out for sure. Here's a cool animation, for example. Great for kids or adults who like to sketch and doodle.