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Xcode 4

Ah now themes for Xcode for are coming out… and I've not even bothered to download it yet. Been kinda busy with Analyzr and a week or so before you ship is not the time to change your IDE. To those who are using it, how is it? What's new, what sucks, what's cool? Will […]

Scorecard is now in the Mac App Store. I'll let you know when we hit our first million dollars in sales.

As I build the website for Analyzr I wanted to point out quickly that Layers is worth every penny of the $24.95 it costs, and then some. As much as I love the built-in limitations of Apple's screen capture keystrokes, it simply can't do all that Layers can do ((Not to mention the fact that […]

If I'm brief in my email replies, online a lot in the next three weeks, and up until 3am most nights, it's because we're really, really close to launching Analyzr. If you're interested in golf video analysis software for Mac OS X, sign up at and we'll let you know when the application is […]

I posted a quickie snapshot of the Analyzr website last night to the Facebook group and it drew some positive comments. It's heavily inspired by Apple's site, but has its own flavor as well. I won't finish it before this weekend, but it'll be ready well in advance of the product launch in early February. […]

Since this post - the comments on which were tremendously helpful, both public and private, so thank you to those who helped - Dave and I have narrowed down the ideas we like for Analyzr's demo mode. Regardless of the option we choose, we'll have a watermark across the screen. It's fairly annoying, and looks […]

I've spent a few hours now banging my head against my desk and I'm no closer to figuring this out than I was at the beginning of the day. FastSpring's documentation (both versions) is horrible, but it's not outdone by AquaticPrime's documentation. FastSpring can run a version of AquaticPrime on its developer site. Unfortunately, I […]

In a few weeks, Analyzr will ship. It will come in two versions, eventually priced at $49.95 (Home) and $495 (Pro). As I see it, there are roughly four options for handling "demo" versions of an application like this. I hope to get some insight from some other Cocoa/Mac developers and even users as far […]

I'm looking for a Ruby on Rails developer with some design skills to build out version 2.0 of a site, namely taking it from "something we can use" to "something others can use." The project is a small one that shouldn't take very long and has a budget with a comma in it, but discussions […]


This seems to be a consistent problem with a certain portion of white collar (or perhaps no-collar) work force: an inability to think rationally, honor your word, and to not break the contract they propose and to which they agree. It's simply ridiculous how much time and energy I've wasted, my partners have wasted, and […]

Analyzr Coming Along

Still set for an early January 2011 release, Analyzr is coming along quite nicely. Within the next few weeks we'll have the website finished (it's started as a Photoshop document at this point), we'll figure out what we want to do with our licensing scheme, we'll set up our FastSpring store, we'll set up an […]


A Mac application we're building includes the ability to download YouTube videos, and though we've previously written our own Objective-C code to do this, we're thinking of using this python script, youtube-dl to handle a lot of the process. I believe we'd rip out (or modify) the script to simply take in a YouTube URL […]

Just in case I forget:

Everyone's got some "favorite independently developed Mac software." For example, I like MarsEdit and FastScripts, and Daniel's made great strides in improving the look and feel of his site. It's functional and suits the software he's developed. But it's probably not among anyone's lists of favorite software sites ((Frankly, I'm only listing it because I […]

When Apple approves it, a new version of Scorecard for the iPhone will appear in the App Store. The graphics have been redone for the Retina Display and we've modified the way tables are built for iOS 4. Both versions iOS 3 and 4 are supported, but we've dropped support for iOS 2. A few […]