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CoreData Tips

Need some? Want some? Brad is keeping a list of CoreData Tips. It may not beat the other lists out there, but then again, that's not the point… I've yet to get into CoreData too much - far too many legacy projects - but I plan to get deeply involved in it quite soon. I […]

I've signed up with O'Reilly Connections. If you'd like to do add me as a "connection," go ahead and do so. The five people I tried to locate weren't on the service yet.

Nifty! Pennsylvania Governor Edward G. Rendell joined Carnegie Mellon University and Allegheny County leaders today (July 25) to announce Apple Computer's tenancy in the university's Collaborative Innovation Center and to celebrate the governor's Keystone Innovation Zone (KIZ) program, a state-wide initiative that aims to spin off university research into new businesses and jobs in the […]

A pal of mine is looking for a Java developer to develop some Java software for mobile phones. Three full-time positions are available - one Lead Developer and two Junior Developers. Telecommuters are welcome to the position(s), and the salary is more than good. I'm posting this here so that I can mention this post […]

For those who haven't figured it out by now, I've sold Freshly Squeezed Software to Don Yacktman and Gary Longsine of illumineX. The sale actually occurred two months ago, but this week the domain names (and thus the web site and email) will be moved, completing the transition. I cannot comment thoroughly on their plans […]

Don has noticed one of my favorite PulpFiction features: transparency. Specifically, "transparency when you need it, none when you don't." PulpFiction allows you to specify the opacity when the Activity Viewer is inactive. Mine's set for 25% - enough that I know where the window is (should I want to drag it somewhere), but transparent […]

It turns out I was written up in the Sunday paper for something. In the business section. Something I have been hoping to announce for the past few weeks, and something I continue to hope to announce soon. But those who live in Erie, PA, already know what that thing is. You can register for […]

I have a little bit of experience in starting my own business, and much of what I'd say is contained nicely in a little PDF from a talk Wil Shipley (who too has a little experience). Grab the PDF here.

I know that Recent Tunes is a bit broken on Tiger. The problem has been isolated, and a new version should be out relatively soon. Freshly Squeezed Software has been considering turning this application into an inexpensive utility. The obvious downside is that it would no longer be freeware, but the upside is that it […]

I love seeing new stylesheets for "that other RSS aggregator." After all, they work in PulpFiction, too:


Somewhere, somehow, I missed the whole "CF-Lite" thing… CF-Lite, the Darwin version of Core Foundation, is a subset of CF that does not include some functionality available on Mac OS X. However, it does contain the data structures used for managing common application objects - such as strings and numbers of various formats - which […]

We've had a heck of a time tracking down some crashes in PulpFiction, but, I think we've got it: Modified Files: FetchController.m Log Message: fix for the weird crash when fetching. None of the users have had it crash on them since and I can't reproduce it anymore. Looks like we're good.

A project I'm working on needs a small piece of software, and I'm a tad too busy at the moment to write it myself. The software, which should run on Mac OS X 10.3/10.4 and which should ideally have a Cocoa UI, has a few simple requirements. At its core, it's a method for testing […]

A Freshly Squeezed Software customer sent me an email inquiring as to whether we could do something. I'm not sure it's possible, but I did tell him I'd inquire with the world at large by posting here on my blog: Inquiry: I would like a badge (at least half-dollar size) to float (in a corner?) […]

Recent Tunes

Mac OS X Hints publishes a nice review of Recent Tunes (why they call it Current Tunes is beyond me) and reminds me that I've been looking to give the product away for awhile now. If you're interested in the source code to Recent Tunes, please let me know. We'd like to see the application […]