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In the past, any software I've written has either been freeware or required only a basic registration scheme - a serial number that was validated against not only the registered user's name and email address as well as a standard formatting pattern. Some of it's been pirated, but I didn't want to spend a lot […]

The "library" is boxed up in this storage/shipping crate. You can sign up to be notified of some things at At this time, the icon and that site are the only details we're releasing about this application. Credit to Adrian Kenny for this icon. We liked a crate icon he'd designed, and asked him […]

I'm looking for a Rails developer who will have some free time this winter for project I'd call moderate in size. The project will involve the modification of an existing Rails application into a more feature-filled version of the application. Some level of experience with design is considered a plus. If you are available, or […]

I'm building a website for a piece of software that I'll be selling shortly. I've read Matt Gemmell's take on software websites and, in general, agree with him. I will say this, though: a site can change its goals fairly drastically if it's trying to sell $19 software or $500 software, and not always in […]

Let's suppose you've got an application. The application has a search box that you use to search several collections of things below. The search is more of a filter that narrows down the results below from "all" to "whatever matches." In addition to showing you recent searches in the search menu, the application also allows […]

The way I see it, Mac application icons fit into roughly four categories. 1. Object + Tool These icons are the simplest and, I believe, the most commonly used. An icon in this category is often represented as the object on which work is done and the tool with which the work is accomplished. For […]

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We've chosen a developer. We've chosen an icon artist. The process is full steam ahead at this point. It feels somewhat odd not writing code or doing mockups in Interface Builder for the application (I've still done plenty of mocking up, but it's been in Photoshop). Normally I'm involved at that level, but for this […]


Jesper wrote this in 2008 regarding OmniWeb. Things haven't changed much since then, and OmniWeb 6 is vaporware, so Jesper's taking things into his own hands with "Rouse." Rouse is an attempt to create a new Mac OS X web browser that steals the best bits from OmniWeb for its user interface, adds some well-needed […]

So imagine a drawing application which maintains a library of your drawings on the left (kinda like iTunes) with a standard NSToolbar at the top which contains items for things like "Print" or "New Drawing" or "Import" or whatever... but which also ideally contains drawing tools - a rectangle, oval, and line tool, for example […]

Holy crap, when did eSellerate get so freakin' expensive? What is up with that? I'm going to be launching an application in a few months and now is the time to start looking around for licensing schemes and account managers. Back in the day I remember thinking the 5% eSellerate took was reasonable. Maybe even […]

I have a small-ish project - an application icon, a document icon, and 10 or so toolbar icons (many of which are quite simple, like "line" or "oval"). Project would need to be done in about four to six weeks. I've previously used Fernando Lins, but - good for him - he's graduated and has […]

I'm building an app that's got a library component. Frankly, it seems like a great use for a drawer, but drawers seem to have gone the way of the dodo on the Mac. Yet there's still a drawer in Pages, so… where does that leave us? Are drawers a complete no-no, generally? What other (somewhat […]

So, for various reasons, I'm looking at developing some basic video software. Or, more likely, hiring someone to do it. Basically, the software should: Play video at regular speed, slow speed, and allow for frame-by-frame stepping through. Play two separate videos side-by-side within the same window. Allow the video to be repositioned, grown, etc. in […]

Monday I'm going to be a part of roughly two product launches. One - DSLRU - will launch in the form of a semi-public beta. The other is one I've worked on with golf instructor Dave Wedzik here in Erie. It's a product I'd wanted to build several years ago, and which had always sort […]