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War Driving

A friend of mine, who lives near Baltimore, did some war driving: We did this in two sessions of driving. The first was about fifteen minutes (driving to a restaurant and back), the second was about an hour and a half (we actually drove through apartment and housing complexes the second time instead of just […]

New iPod Game

There's a new game on your iPod with the 2.1 update: Music Quiz. It's awesome. Five songs are listed, and a short clip of a random song from your iPod is played. A prize counter ticks down as some choices disappear. Choose the right song quickly and get massive points! Or wait and choose between […]

The Z600 and Sucky Cingular

Cingular went GSM in my area a while back. Though I didn't upgrade (they didn't have the Motorola v600 I want), I did note that they had the phones in stock and were gladly selling them to anyone who wanted them. Knowing that they are, indeed, GSM, I ventured over to to see if […]

CSI Am Wrong

On Monday's CSI: Miami, which I watched last night after fishing in southern Miami, Horatio Caine and his team tracked down a crocodile that had eaten (post-mortem) a little girl. Jeff Corwin guest starred, and identified a tooth found in the girl's arm as an American Crocodile's, not an alligator's as the team had suspected. […]

Easy as Spam

Who in the hell opens messages that look like this? This is a screenshot of the subject column of my spam folder. If people didn't open spam - and worse yet - buy products advertised in spam - I wouldn't need a spam folder. That having been said, I may not need a spam folder […]

GSM… Tomorrow?

A week ago I wrote about how Cingular would be GSM in a week where I live. Good thing, too, as I just snapped the antenna off of my reliable, trusty Motorola v60. While the v600 isn't out yet (the phone I really want), I imagine I may be picking up a T616 to tide […]

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 is out now, and I don't know whether to buy it for the GameCube or the PS2. The GameCube version would allow me to play my character against my friend José's character when he buys a copy and brings over his memory card. The PS2 version would allow me to […]

GSM in a Week

I stopped in at a Cingular store today to see what new phones were available. The answer: none. My Motorola v60t is still quite nice in comparison to the "lineup" of TDMA phones that Cingular tries to push on people. It would have been a fruitless trip had I not noticed the eight or ten […]

Copy-Protected CDs

I too like to buy CDs, and as Jeff points out, copy-protected CDs punish the people the record industry should be rewarding - the people who buy CDs! Furthermore, the whole idea behind these copy controlled discs is absolutely absurd to begin with. With this method you are actually punishing those who are willing to […]

Reel Exploded

Just to overrule anyone's misconceptions regarding fishing reels being "simple" (as was recently explained to me by someone whose closest encounter with fishing was taking a bath with an ocean-themed shower curtain), I present this: That's the exploded view of my new Daiwa Capricorn 2500. Yup.


I'm considering getting a GPS receiver so that I can do things like track my speed (when kayaking or even travelling on my scooter), determine what course to take to get back to my launch point, and so on. However, very few work with the Mac, so I'm considering MacGPS Pro. It will work with […]

Adelphia Keeps Calling

I haven't gotten a bill for my cable modem service in a few months. No surprise, then, to find out that the bill was at $160 and pending a disconnect! Silly me. Unfortunately, Adelphia chose to alert me to this fact by having a recorded message ("Hi, this is Taylor Johnson from Adelphia. Please call […]

Effortless Improvement

Etan pointed me at Effortless Improvement, which says: Effortless Improvement uses subliminal messaging to aid in the cure of excess weight, low self esteem, addiction and much more, while you use your Macintosh. I'm giving it a go on my Mac right now. So far, though, no nubile Swiss women have appeared at my doorway. […]

Midnight Club II

Picked up a copy of Midnight Club II tonight for the PS2. You can play it online, and Rob and his nephew already have copies. I'll have to play a little tonight if I can. I pre-ordered Madden 2004 for the PS2 (screw Nintendo - I'd have bought it for the GameCube if I could […]


Seen on a mailing list: There are better solutions out there. After doing ColdFusion work for over a year now, I would be *seriously* bummed if I had to go back to a working with a wordy scripting language like PHP or VB ASP. Uh huh, no. Gabe and I once quoted someone a $15,000 […]