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Bye Bye T610

This Wednesday I'm going to go back to T-Mobile in a local mall to return the T610 (and to the Radio Shack to return the Jabra Bluetooth headset). I thought I might do this a few days ago but have since decided. In the interest of KISS, I'm just going to stick with my Motorola […]

4 Networks, 2 Machines

I picked up a D-Link Bluetooth adapter for my aging tower today, and I realize that I've got no less than four kinds of networks between my laptop and my tower: Firewire TCP/IP Ethernet AirPort Bluetooth Of course, as both have at least a CD/CD-R/DVD drive, there's always good old-fashioned sneakernet too. Heck, both have […]

I think I'll be returning the T610 to T-Mobile very shortly (in about three days). The reasons? There are three: The screen is ass when I'm outside. Absolute ass. Even in the shade you can barely see it, and in any variety of sunlight, just forget it. I picked the highest contrast theme possible, and […]

My New Cell Phone

"My New Cell Phone" is one of the lamest damn titles I've ever put on my blog. Like any of you care. Why am I even assuming that anyone reads this drivel? Whatever, okay, I'll console myself by pretending that I am my own audience. I am - the me in the future will wonder […]

Cingular = Crappy Phones

Y'know, I like Cingular. I really do. They've got good coverage, decent rates, and sales offices all over. They're not too bad. They're certainly not Verizon, that's for sure! They suck at one important thing, however: phone choice. I got my Motorola V60 last March or so, and it's still the best phone they offer. […]

NeXT Hardware

I'm looking to buy a NeXT Cube or Slab. I'd like it to run OpenStep 4.2 and be in good (working) condition. I'll pay for it, obviously, and I'm putting a note here on my blog because searches on eBay for "next slab" really don't turn up very many appropriate results! 🙂 Plus, I know […]


Jeff writes about what he calls (or maybe someone else did and he's ripping them off) "Infornography." I know I haven't got a problem - I have a HipTop, errr, SideKick I rarely use. I gave away my Palm III. My 12" PowerBook goes largely unused. Sure, I'm online all day, but I'm also wandering […]


I didn't know that MRAM was something that existed, but apparently, it's nearer to release than most people would expect. Basically, MRAM is a high-speed hard disk/CompactFlash card replacement for RAM. It can store its contents without power (like your hard drive or a CompactFlash card, both of which use magnetism, instead of electricity), which […]

DVC PD-150

Using a $3500 DV camera to video conference feels very weird. I'll be picking up an iSight as soon as possible, and I'm hopeful that my mom does as well. It has a Mic, I guess, but I'm curious if I can use that (on my tower) for general-purpose "microphoning." What to do with my […]


I don't think it sucks, but I would only pay $1,000 for a Segway. I have absolutely no use or need for one. I walk to a few places - and would continue to walk to them if I had a Segway. It'd be nothing more than an expensive toy. I can't use it at […]

San Jose Tech Museum

Jason and I went to the The San Jose Tech Museum today. I think it's actually called the "Museum of Innovation" or something, but whatever. It's a "museum" that encourages you to play around. Geared towards, oh, fourteen year olds or so, the museum was a bit of a let-down. Jason and I made the […]

Color SideKick?

Steven notes the release of the color Hiptop, errr, SideKick. If they have a data-only plan, and upgrades to the color version, you can bet your sweet ass I'll be switching as soon as I get back to Florida. I have my greyscale one with me out here, but I've turned it on once. After […]

The Color of Money

In an effort to thwart counterfeiters, apparently we're going to have new money soon. I like them. I've had run-ins with counterfeiters before.


Today Andy and I used Hydra. As others have written, it's a pretty damn spiffy collaborative typing tool. You share a document, others join, and everyone types. Hydra keeps track of who's written what with colored backgrounds. Nice! I could say more about Hydra, but others already have. It's nice. However, Hydra is lacking one […]

HipTop Desktop Sync

I noticed while filling out this HipTop desktop syncing software survey (go fill it out if you've got a HipTop, err, SideKick!) that I had to choose the "25-34" popup for "Age." Bummer. The "Web Desktop" thing is crap. So said I. Go fill out the survey, even if you haven't got a HipTop, because […]