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Maybe Nextel can (Nex)Tell Me?

There's a Nextel ad with Rob Lowe (and some other famous people). Each ad shows a "split screen" effect where the individual one (top or bottom) of the screen has a Nextel phone with their Direct Connect "technology," and the other clone has a "regular" cell phone.

Catch the Book if You Can

Catch Me If You Can is both a book and a movie, as many by now know. Whenever I see a movie based on a book, except for Lord of the Rings and its ilk, I'm always curious to read the book. I've read all of the James Bond books I can get my hands on, all of the Tom Clancy books, and so on, and CMIYC falls into the realm of being a factual book, which makes it even nicer in my opinion.

What the F*ck?

The title of this post makes my point. Since when does putting a * in the middle of a swear word, like you see in this article, make the swearing any less visible? Is there really a difference between "c*nt" and "cunt"? Ask women if one is more offensive than the other, please. What's the point? To keep from being filtered by some software, perhaps? If you're typing "c*nt" kids behind parental filters shouldn't see what you're writing either.

Crufty UI Rebuffed (Again)

Like my Crufty UI rebuttal, offers a nice rebuttal at this location. My mom understands save and open. My mom also understands how to use iCal and iPhoto (which don't really have "Save" and "Open" in the traditional sense… but then again they're not document-based either). Anyway, I give up, and I'm still bummed about the Steelers game. That drop by Burress late in the game cost the Steelers a shot at the Super Bowl. 😛

Fat People = Poor People

There's an interesting article at Salon that talks about how the fatter segment of the US population is also the poorer population. I sometimes wonder how stereotypes come about, and I often postulate that they come about because they are, for the most part, true (except for the blonde stereotype).


The iTrip is a potentially great product for the iPod. I think I want one. No wait, I don't, because the damn thing seems to block the Firewire port. What good is a car charger if you can't use it or if you've got to be swinging the damn iFell, err, iTrip out of the way when you charge your iPod? What about the 15-hour road trip? I don't think it's gonna cut it. Am I wrong here?

Rendezvous Dating Service

shania.jpgAaron mentioned to me today what he thought to be a good use of Rendezvous. it works like this... your cell phone, your beeper, your HipTop… errr…SideKick all contain a Rendezvous implementation that has a little personal "profile" on you as well as what you'd like in a potential date (assuming you're single of course, or not single and of scummy moral standards). Other people have these as well.

Then, when you're within 50 feet or so of someone whose profile matches yours (or vice versa), some sort of signal is given off. Then, if the time is opportune, I imagine the people get together and say "hi" and whatnot. Privacy advocates can stick a pipe in it because the service would be no different than, say, or other dating services, except that you could turn it off and on throughout a day (Probably wanna turn it off at work or you may find out things you didn't want to know about your coworkers…). Even if you're not into the game, or are happily married, imagine the fun you'd have watching two people 50' apart suddenly look at their hips and then try to find each other.

For the record, my description of the ideal woman would come very close to the one you see at right. 🙂

Moblogging Mena

Part of the reason I got my HipTop… err… SideKick was to blog "on the go." Unfortunately, MovableType isn't really that great at handling this sort of thing. But, now that Mena's got a HipTop… err… SideKick, I expect that to change in the next release (or shortly thereafter). Yay!


sherfari.gifJason Kottke has one of the best ideas ever. And one of the worst. It's the same idea! It's even better - and worse - than chocolate covered cherries (ooh, that reminds me, I still have two left!): integrate Sherlock and Safari or don't integrate Sherlock and Safari! It may not sound like much, but have a look at what he - and his naysayer - have to say.

In the meantime, feel free to make fun of the icon I've put up here. (Update: there are now no longer any chocolate covered cherries in my apartment.)

Apple Embraces the Open Format Movement

On a scale of "Evil Behavior" from 1 to 100, Microsoft may sit at about an 85. One of Microsoft's many flaws is in integrating "core" applications so tightly that it's tough for a competitor to sneak in. Their browser is so closely tied to the OS that they (wrongly) lied and said that it could not be removed (it can be removed… but not easily). They use secret APIs to give their own applications a boost over the competition, and they have actually intentionally "broken" third-party software in the past for their own advantage.

Condoms And

I was shopping with Annie the other day (seemingly the only thing we really "do" together besides eat and, occasionally, work) and I noticed that in Wal-Mart, the headache medicine is right across the aisle from the condoms. Seems convenient, I guess… guy stops in, picks up his jimmy hats and the female favorite excuse-alleviating medication all without having to move! Just sticks out his arms, grabs one box of each, and off he goes!

In Albertson's (grocery store in Florida), Annie pointed out that the wine section also sells condoms, again making it easier for the (apparently unmarried and still wooing) male to shop quickly.

Cuz, y'know, when you're horny you don't want to have to try to find two items in a store. Hell, if it weren't for the condoms, you probably wouldn't be in the store to begin with.

Drag a Text Link in Safari

safari_link_drag.jpgLook at what happens when you drag a link (text link, anyway) in Safari!

Woooooooooo. This, just after I post a link about how Apple "gets it." Yes, they do. They get the fact that a nice little touch like this can make me like a browser a little bit more. It adds to my experience. It makes me happier. Sometimes, they may go too far with this graphical candy… but this one is just nice.

P.S. Note that dragging the transparent apple GIF below also works nicely: the transparent parts are still transparent. Go ahead, drag it around.

Apple “Gets It”

apple.gifFrom an article titled Apple Gets It (yes, I filched it!), comes some common sense commentary about how Apple simply "understands" good design, good software, and good computing.

A couple of engineers at work today dismissed the new releases, saying, "a web browser and a presentation tool? So what? I have those already." Well, I have those already, too, and I waste a considerable amount of time every day dealing with their limitations and quirks and poor design or unfinished state.

Sunken Metal Widgets Bug

sunk_widgets.jpgJust uncovered a "problem" with those metal widgets that are "sunk" into the metal. Closing a window in the background with those metal widgets causes that app to become the frontmost application.

Try it in Safari. Try it in iCal. Try it in calculator (but note that Calculator quits when you close its window, but briefly, it comes to the front - same with iSync). Thanks to Andy for helping find this one.

That's not how it should work. 🙁

Find in Safari

You can find (cmd-F) in your Safari bookmarks, and it searches your history and all sorts of other places. It seems to search the titles of the bookmarks (and your history), but that's okay.

Wow. I hadn't noticed that until I read this. Thanks Scot!