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Pi Day 2013

Just think - next year we'll have an entire pi MONTH!

SAM PuttLab Timing

March 2013 SpamSieve Stats

Last done in October

Filtered Mail
352,864 Good Messages
480,325 Spam Messages (58%)
153 Spam Messages Per Day

SpamSieve Accuracy
1,443 False Positives
3,748 False Negatives (72%)
99.4% Correct

12,540 Good Messages
15,326 Spam Messages (55%)
1,247,312 Total Words

33 Blocklist Rules
10 Whitelist Rules

Showing Statistics Since
8/24/04 8:00pm

How Miguel Ended Up with a Mac

How I ended up with Mac - Miguel de Icaza is worth reading. It's short. 🙂

PGA Level 1

Sometime in April I'm going to Florida to complete my Level 1 training in the antiquated system the PGA has set up for progressing through its apprentice levels. 😛


Open and Closed in Computing

Read this if you want a reasonably intelligent observation of "open" and "closed" in the computing space; in particular, as it applies to Apple.

Google vs. Apple

Daring Fireball: When All You Have Is an 'Apple Is Doomed Without Steve Jobs' Hammer, Everything Looks Like a Nail

So a product from Google that currently exists only as a pre-announced demo and somewhat-imminent $1500 developer preview — from the company that brought us the Nexus Q and Google TV — shows that Apple has lost its edge? OK, got it.


Good Article on Alex Rodriguez

Added to the reading list.

Lightning Digital AV Adapter

The Lightning Digital AV Adapter Surprise is worth a read if you've got a Lightning capable device.

I don't.


iCloud Email Filtering

I use MobileMe iCloud email, and always have, but not for "mission critical" emails.

Chuq explains why.

Matt Groening’s Artwork for Apple

Title says it all no?

Matt Groening's Artwork for Apple is well worth the time it takes to look it over.

Weight Loss


Now having successfully buried the lede, it turns out that a decade ago I weighed 367. Today I weighed in at 398.4. That means over the last decade I’ve gained a net 31.4 pounds, which translates do 3.14 pounds a year (Mmmm…. Pi!), or a mere 1/4 of a pound a month (sorry about that pi joke. No, I honestly did not set up the numbers for that). If you take a simplistic view that a pound of body fat is about 3500 calories, that means my net “excess” is about 900 calories a month, or about one burger and fries at In-n-out. Or to break it down even further, about 30 calories a day. Remember that a standard can of sugared Coke is about 140 calories. That is, depending on how you want to play with the numbers, about ten minutes of walking a day.

In other words, even if you decrease your portion size by 10% or occasionally skip having ice cream late at night and do nothing else, you can lose weight. Or at least stop gaining it so quickly.

A Good Apple Piece

I'm not as "involved" in the Mac scene anymore, but I still stay up on everything pretty well. This is a good piece from the Macalope.

ICE in iOS 7

It's not going to happen, most likely, but Chuq has a good bit on how Apple could enable ICE in addition to "dial 911" when your iPhone is locked.

I'd do this. I have RoadIDs and things when I'm running, but when I'm just out I've only got my wallet on it, and it may or may not be accessible (and does not have my wife's name and contact info in it).

Which makes me think: maybe I should make an ICE card and put it in my wallet.

Good Michael Jordan Article

OTL: Michael Jordan Has Not Left The Building. He has, however, turned 50.