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iOS 6, iPhone 5, Incremental Updates

I'm still investigating ways to pick up an iPhone 5 at less than "full price" (and possibly even less than upgrade price, by trading in my iPhone 4S), but I must say I'm surprised at how disappointed some people are by both iOS 6 and the iPhone 5.

Both are exactly what Apple does best: incrementally improve a product.

iPhone 5 is hands down a better phone than the iPhone 4 that many people will be replacing, and iOS 6 is a great OS that adds 50+ new features (many small), but which doesn't even belong in the same discussion as iOS 4 which is NOT that old.

Incrementally updating hardware and software gets us an iPhone 5 with iOS 6. Just compare it to any previous combination of release hardware/software and the changes are stunning. Heck, compare it to the original iPhone which is really not that old and the original iPhone will seem about as useful as a rock, yet when it came out, it was awesome.

P.S. iOS 6 came out for my 4S just in time for me to take lots of panoramic photos in Scotland. Woo!

Trip to Scotland

I've just returned home from Scotland, UK.

I'll have more to say about this eventually. First, I've gotta write a lengthy article for The Sand Trap. 🙂 After I take a nap.

P.S. I played The Old Course on Friday. Birdied the Road Hole, too.

Forehand Throw Basics

Backhand Distance Tips

The grip segment is small but important. More on the grip is in this video:

Tali Open 2012 Final

2011 MCO

Apple’s Ringer Switch and Do Not Disturb

Unlike this author/, I don't think Apple needs to fix anything. The ringer switch and DND work beautifully.

The one thing that confused me at first was that the DND setting actually switches from "ON" to "OFF" when it's not on. I thought my settings were being changed, but what the software is actually doing is changing the switch to "ON" when it's 11:36pm and setting it to "OFF" at 6:54am.

That confused me at first, but I "get it" now. I still think it's somewhat confusing, but I understand it now. I do wonder, though, if you set it to "ON" manually at 11pm, will it still turn "OFF" at 6:54am? Probably.

2011 Memorial Champs MPO Finals

The 2011 Memorial Championship begins the PDGA's National Disc Golf Tour every year. This edition in Fountain Hills and Scottsdale, AZ featured the youthful talent, Paul McBeth, who won the first of his two NT wins in 2011.

McBeth was challenged by the extremely talented, Josh Anthon, the 2011 Player of the Year, Nate Doss, 2010 PoY Nikko Locastro, and legendary Barry Schultz.

European Open 2006

The US Pros in Finland -- Dave Feldberg, Avery Jenkins, Ken Climo and others are showing some incredible Golf. Featuring the Presidents Cup between Europe and the US and an extensive coverage of the final round where Dave Feldberg collects birdies like no one else.

Disc Golf Players Cup 2011 Finals

Final Match Nikko Locastro Vs Nate Doss and the Consolation Match Avery Jenkins Vs Paul McBeth . Recorded October 23, 2011 at Twin Parks Country Club, Dripping Springs, TX.

2011 PDGA Championships




Locastro, Doss, and Jenkins

9:00 of these three playing the final nine of the 2010 Otter Open as shot by a spectator. This course has some bushes! 🙂

DG Deis Hill

This is from the "Full Bag Rounds" playlist by "thediscgolfvids" on YouTube. This particular course is in Dover, Ohio.

DG Wayfarer’s Roost

This is from the "Full Bag Rounds" playlist by "thediscgolfvids" on YouTube. This particular course is in Alliance, Ohio.

DG Wingfoot Lake State Park

This is from the "Full Bag Rounds" playlist by "thediscgolfvids" on YouTube. This particular course is in Mogadore, Ohio.