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Donating Blood

I donated blood today. When I called to see if they were busy, the girl answered by telling me that "we are pretty dead."

I first had to show my ID. I answered a questionnaire, which asked me if I'd had sex with anyone who was paid in "cash, drugs, or _____" (I forget the third thing - I know it wasn't food stamps :-D), among other things. My finger was pricked for iron testing. When that passed, the nurse gave me a sticker sheet with two bar codes. Next to one was "use my blood" and next to the other "don't use my blood." She said "choose one, put it in this box here on the form, and throw the sticker sheet out. Don't ask me why." I obliged, except for not asking her why. She didn't tell me.

Then, I was led back to the room. I was given a Coke "because it was my first time" and assumed I should try to drink it before she drew blood. So I did, and she was surprised that I was done already. ๐Ÿ˜› Incidentally, it was one of those white cans of Coke that people mistook for Diet Coke. I admit I thought for a second it was Diet too, as I'd never seen one of these cans in person.

After making me turn away (she said people will faint, throw up, or scream and run away) I asked how long it would take. She said 5-15 minutes. When I was done in about three minutes, she said that was the fastest she'd ever seen. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I waited for ten minutes to make sure I wouldn't faint or something, ate some snacks and drank some juice, and walked out.

My TikTok Nano Watch is Nice

Yes, yes I am enjoying my TikTok + iPod Nano.

From Instagram

Dave likes it too, apparently, since upon seeing it and playing with it for about 12 seconds he's decided he needs one as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

The nano works great on runs, though I'll know more tomorrow when I run 24:00.

Bob Dzuricky Cues

Someone just joined The Sand Trap yesterday and it was apparent from his name and avatar that he was an avid pool player.

Our game room (pool room) has been a bit of a mess for a year, but we're cleaning it up this month, repairing a small section of drywall, and will begin using it again. I'm looking forward to it. I miss shooting some pool.

I saw that Bob Dzuricky, who designed my cues, updated his site. It looks great. He's also got a YouTube channel that has some pretty nice videos on cue-making.

I saw that AZBilliards is still using the same skin I designed (tweaked) for them. The WEI Table seems to have gone by the wayside, though. I can't find

I could have sworn I had pictures of my cues on this site somewhere, but I can't. They're still gorgeous. I'll post 18 images of them after the "read more" link.

Understanding U.S. “Debt”

This article does a good job of explaining things. I remember from Econ 101 in college that my professor said "the national debt isn't anything to worry about because governments don't have life expectancies."1

But Washington isn't just confused about the short run; it's also confused about the long run. For while debt can be a problem, the way our politicians and pundits think about debt is all wrong, and exaggerates the problem's size.

Deficit-worriers portray a future in which we're impoverished by the need to pay back money we've been borrowing. They see America as being like a family that took out too large a mortgage, and will have a hard time making the monthly payments.

Read the article at for more.

  1. Paraphrased []

Best Buy Going Out of Business

You'l have to read the article at, but the gist is "yeah, it is… eventually."

I personally view Best Buy as a sort of warehouse. Most of the time I'm better off buying something from Amazon, but if it's cheaper or the same price, I'll get it from Best Buy just so I don't have to wait two days.

But informed sales people? A friendly atmosphere? Great product information? No.

Yeah, so it’s a New Year

Yawn. Wake me up when it's 2020. ๐Ÿ˜‰


For those of you who wish for extra time in the day, well, you don't get it, but this year you do get an extra day. Use it wisely.1

2011 wasn't great. It wasn't lousy, either - don't get me wrong. But 2012 looks to be better personally, professionally, spiritually, athletically, etc.

I've joined a challenge on DailyMile to run 366 miles in 2012. That's not a lot - I've averaged seven a week for the past few weeks of Couch to 5K. But it'll allow for days off due to injury or travel or whatnot.

I'm also going to try to run (outside ideally, but on the treadmill or elliptical as necessary) a mile a day for as long as I can. I don't know if I'll make the full year, but I'll see how far I get. #dailymileminimum

Happy new year.

  1. I'm of the opinion that leap days should be International holidays for people to do whatever it is they want. A true celebration of life, love, happiness, etc. Wouldn't that be great? Instead, it's just going to be another random workday for everyone. It's even a Wednesday this time around! Blah! []

Hot Yoga and Bikram Yoga

Does anyone have any comments on Hot Yoga or Bikram Yoga?

It's $10/session (for a ten-session pass) here at YogaErie. I hate heat but it might be an interesting experience.

Running Trail Connecting PSU to Frontier Park

There's a running trail beside the Bayfront Connector that may be a good, wide place to run.

I've been doing a fair amount of running at Presque Isle, but the trail there is surprisingly narrow given how much use it gets. Still, at least it's a nature-heavy trail. The Bayfront Connector goes past, uh, warehouses, busy city streets, a Burger King… you get the point.

We'll see. If nothing else the one-mile loop around the tennis courts at Behrend might be worth checking out. And I hear there's a similar length loop around Frontier Park.

Ordered an iPod Nano and TikTok

I held off on getting a Tik-Tok and an iPod Nano a few months ago because I didn't see the point of having a watch that wasn't on most of the time.

And earlier today I ordered a green iPod Nano and a Tik-Tok (the less expensive one). Why? Because the 1 GB iPod Shuffle I've got (it's Carey's, but she never uses it) doesn't respond to the headphone remote, and if I'm going to listen to music when I run, I need the controls.

It doesn't hurt that 8 GB is standard and I can't fit the 223 songs currently in my "Running" playlist on the 1 GB iPod Shuffle without downsampling them to 128 kbps.

What I Am

Do You Know Your Blood Type?

Do you know your blood type?
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I don't. My dad is O (+ or - I don't know) and my mom believes she's A-. So I may be O or A.

I'll go to the Community Blood Bank soon and donate blood. Why do I care? Because I'd like to put my blood type on my 1BandID, that's why! ๐Ÿ™‚


I've transferred my domains from GoDaddy to the registrar I used the guide from Jeff Epstein and thus probably gave him a buck or two in referral fees. I saved about $1.90 per domain by using the coupon code SOPAsucks, as mentioned on the NameCheap Coupons site.

The one step that's not listed in Jeff's guide? Turning off WHOIS protection if you have DomainsByProxy enabled. This caused the denial of half of my domain transfers. A quick live chat with a NameCheap support agent cleared that up, though, and impressed me in the process.

I don't really care about shooting elephants. I don't really care about how a company chooses to advertise. Even the brouhaha over SOPA wasn't really enough to cause me to transfer my domains. But it's death by a thousand cuts, and GoDaddy's dead to me now.

1BandID vs. Road ID

As I've mentioned here on the blog, I look forward to the day I can leave my iPhone in my car or at my house when I go running.

And though I'm reasonably healthy, far too many "reasonably healthy" people are hit by cars or suffer some sort of other medical emergency. It's not common, but it happens enough that if you can spend $20 to help medical professionals dealing with an unknown person (no wallet, no phone), you do it.

There are a few products out there which do this. Prior to today I'd only ever heard of Road ID. Road ID is a wrist band you can wear which lists your name, your medical emergencies, and names and phone numbers for your "ICE" (In Case of Emergency) contacts.

1BandIDJust today I found what I consider a better solution: the 1BandID. Rather than being a separate wrist band, the 1BandID clips to your watch (like my Garmin ForeRunner 610). If it's essentially permanently affixed to your watch, you're far less likely to forget it or leave it at home, and that's kind of the point of having a little ID and information on you out in the world.

The one downside? Road ID has a nice system which lets you store your emergency information online. This lets you list more information than you can fit on the ID itself and it lets you update the information as frequently as you wish. I wish 1BandID did that, but at the same time, I'm not sure how many emergency personnel are going to log in to a website to get your medical information.

1BandID has a Facebook page here. I got the image above from this woman's blog. And finally, there's a good review from the "gadget guy" of the running/cycling/swimming world, Ray Maker here.

Fear and Suffering

"The truth, that many people never understand until it is too late, is that the more you try to avoid suffering the more you suffer because smaller and more insignificant things begin to torture you in proportion to your fear of being hurt."

- Thomas Merton

P.S. Yeah, I know, great post for Christmas, eh? I will say this: it was our first non-strobed Christmas in several years. I relented. I gave in.