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Netflix Streaming Video App

You know what I'd like? A Netflix streaming video app. Version 1.0 might be nothing more than a WebKit view that automatically takes you to your streaming queue and resizes the window a bit or employs some CSS tricks to play with the positioning so that you get mostly video playback in your viewer window. […]

Copy Mod Date to Created Date

I recently had an application wipe the creation date from about 2000 files, but leave the modification date intact. I was able to create a quickie AppleScript that relies on SetFile and GetFileInfo, a pair of CLI tools installed with the Developer Tools. It's mostly here for my own use later on. I find myself […]

BBEdit vs. TextMate

I've never gotten into TextMate. In Xcode I use the editor included there and all other times, use BBEdit. TextMate 2.0 is still not here while BBEdit has been updated a few times since 2.0 was first talked about, so I'm wondering if people are still as crazy for TextMate or if, due to the […]

In bash… for item in *; do zip -m "${item}.zip" "${item}"; done

In incredibly limited testing, it seems to work really well. You can download it from here. I've tried a few others, but this one seems to be the best. I like the separation of source and location lists, but it doesn't seem to work. I've added "" to the location list and yet Flash will […]

Apple Ignited

Scott McNulty noticed that Apple has changed their boilerplate language to remove the bit about "igniting the personal computer revolution." On one hand, it's about time. Seriously, who cares about the Apple II anymore? On the other hand, I'm at least a little sad to see it go.

I have a fairly simple (though, apparently not) BusyCal arrangement. My main computer (Bunny) maintains a few calendars - "Erik" and "Kiddo" and "Chores." I share all three calendars over the LAN, and the "Kiddo" and "Chores" calendars are read/write while "Erik" is read only. Bunny's BusyCal also syncs with three Google Calendars with read/write […]

rsync Out, SuperDuper In

For weeks now my nightly schedule rsync copy would fail mysteriously, quietly. The command was simply two lines: /usr/sbin/diskutil repairPermissions /; /usr/local/bin/rsync -axq --delete / /Volumes/Roger In other words, I repaired permissions and then archived (which enables a few options), quietly, and deleted files/folders which no longer existed. But rsync would launch three processes, and […]

2006 Mac Pro Video Card Dies

A few years ago I replaced the piece-of-shit ATI Radeon X1900 XT in my Mac Pro. Lately, following reboots and other things which cause the display to go black (I've not tried sleep), the display will remain black. The white LED is on, the computer boots normally, and the display simply remains dark. Rebooting a […]

MacRabbit Rocks

Just a shout out to a good guy in the Mac world - MacRabbit rocks. I use CSSEdit nearly every day and Espresso is a great tool for web development. Give Jan's products a try and I'm sure you'll be impressed with the style and functionality.

The 10.6.3 update may have fixed the AppleEvents Timing Out bug, but one bug that's still around is the Spaces bug I described here. Essentially, if I use ctrl-1 to ctrl-3 to move between my Spaces, quite often the keyboard will stop accepting input (or the OS will stop accepting input from the keyboard) until […]

Steve Jobs at D8 Conference

Steve Jobs is almost mind-blowingly, well, Jobsian in his D8 conference. The full 100-minute video is a free download from iTunes.

Mac OS X Terminal Tricks

Courtesy of Super User: Some good ones in there, along with some goofy ones. BTW, opensnoop, cool.

I downloaded an application called "Watts" from Binary Tricks because I was hopeful it might help me to solve an issue I've been having with my MacBook Pro. Basically, my battery will get to about 75 or 78 percent or so, then shut down. Not go to sleep - just die immediately and without warning. […]

Safari Extensions

I'm digging the world of Safari Extensions. There's a good site at that's likely going to be the go-to resource. However, I'm going to take it easy on the Extensions I install, as even early testing indicates that a poorly coded extension can easily lead to crashing Safari. I have installed and enabled FaceBlock, […]

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