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Until I read this, I wasn't aware of the fact that RAW support for the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT had been added. Nifty!

Some 31 pages of information. No doubt the digital models can use just about all of the advice.

Nifty Sky

Yeah, camera phones really don't take the greatest photos, do they?

Cherry Mountain Dew

When you add maraschino cherry juice to a still glass of Mountain Dew, you get something very similar to a tequila sunrise effect that's quite lovely:

There's an update to the Canon Digital Rebel XT's firmware. The update (1.0.2): Fixes the phenomenon of extreme underexposure when using some lenses. Fixes the phenomenon of auto power off function failure when auto power off is set more than 2 minutes. Fixes the phenomenon of incorrect white balance when using an external flash. Can't […]

I'm in Columbus, OH through at least Friday covering The Memorial Tournament for The Sand Trap. Today, I saw Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus hit a ball to two feet, Vijay Singh hit a ball to one foot, and an amateur beat them all. Good times! Check out my coverage (and a lot of pictures) […]

Yay! Raw support is here! I'll update this post later when I've had a chance to play with it. Update: seems to work well. A bit slow to show the thumbnails, but I suppose I could just name my images properly to begin with. Dragging a .cr2 file (from a Digital Rebel XT) to Photoshop's […]

Canon 75-300 IS USM

I picked up (well, it's being shipped to me) a Canon 75-300 IS USM lens (with hood and S&H) today for $350. New, this lens sells for $450 + S&H or so (B&H charges $415, IIRC). The one I bought has been used twice and it may not have the warranty - I don't much […]


I went to the zoo today with Little One and took some pictures. I'll link to a few on .Mac's HomePage as soon as HomePage ceases to experience problems… Almost all of the pictures turned out about as well as I expected, and there are some pretty nifty ones. I was shorted a little bit […]

Well, it looks as though Photoshop CS 2 (and Camera Raw 3.0) will not support the Digital Rebel XT. That sucks. I wonder how long I will have to wait…

Soft Box for Photography

For various reasons, including product reviews at The Sand Trap and a growing (but still quite small) interest in macro object photography, I'm considering building a "soft box" for photography. The soft box is, in case I'm using improper terminology here, a "box" built with translucent (like white cloth) sides, into which I can place […]

April Snowstorm

Just a quick follow-up on the blizzard from a day or two ago: it's now supposed to get up to 74° by Wednesday. You know, two days from now. These two pictures were taken mid-day yesterday (we got another six inches after it) and this morning, when it had already gotten up to about 42°. […]

Black and White

A few quick links for my own purposes on creating good digital B&W images: Excellent B&W conversion B&W Conversion Santorini in black & white So there's that. The first primarily summarizes and links to the second and third.

Photobloggies 2K5

You can vote for the 2005 Photobloggies now, and I've done so. I also scanned quite a few of the photoblogs and added many to PulpFiction. I was surprised, however, by the number of "photo blogs" that don't have any feeds - RDF, XML, RSS, Atom - nada! I'm also surprised at the surprising lack […]

The "other" book is still in the works, but I've come up with a new idea for a new book. If you're a digital photographer that knows his stuff (or her stuff), get in touch with me. I prefer AIM ("iacas") but email - or a comment here with a valid email address - will […]

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