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Magic Man

I must be magical, for I can make things go "poof" like you wouldn't believe!

Fuhrman’s Cider Mill

Every fall, I like to visit Fuhrman's Cider Mill to get some fresh apple cider. The deliciously sweet drink makes your worries go "poof" if only for a little while.

Little One and Leela

Carey took this picture with our point-and-shoot (the Canon SD 550). This is the little baby orangutan (Leela) at the Erie Zoo. Both Leela and her dad (Joe) respond very well to Little One (but nobody else) each time she's there.

Scott talks about a possible (or not) Photoshop replacement from Apple. I would love one. Most of my work in Photoshop centers around: Cropping Resizing Adjusting hue, saturation, balance, and the like Adding simple gradients (to blur to white the edges of an image) Adding circles, arrows, lines, etc. And for this I have to […]

You can read about them here. Basically, in edit mode with the retouch or redeye tools selected, hit ctrl-capslock-9 and then hit tab to cycle through three hidden, "advanced" tools. With some key presses, you can change some characteristics of the tools.

Need a Digital Camera

Carey isn't comfortable using the SLR (a Canon Digital Rebel XT), so we're looking for a low-cost, small, point-and-shoot camera. I'll define low cost as $350 or less. I'll define point-and-shoot as one that ideally uses CompactFlash cards. I'll define "small" as something Carey can lug around in her purse or I can carry around […]

Shining Apple

I was watching a DVD and doing some work on my computer when a small beam of light shone through one of the holes on my office window's venetian blind. The beam of light happened to be centered on the Apple logo at the bottom of my 23" Cinema Display. I took this picture pretty […]

White Balance

Something I've yet to get into as my "learn my camera" phase has been put on hold by the immediate need to "use my camera" is white balance. Some day I will read this article on white balance. I know the basics. I just have to develop confidence in applying them, and that will come […]

10 Tips for Great Pictures

You too can take better pictures with these 10 tips.

2005 First Snow

Yes, it's happened.

Learning Photography

My thoughts mirror Khoi's. I don't want to know how to manipulate pictures, and I already know how to download pictures: what I want is a class that teaches me how to take good pictures to begin with. I should check into local colleges. Not that there are too many great ones nearby, but it […]

Until I read this, I wasn't aware of the fact that RAW support for the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT had been added. Nifty!

Some 31 pages of information. No doubt the digital models can use just about all of the advice.

Nifty Sky

Yeah, camera phones really don't take the greatest photos, do they?

Cherry Mountain Dew

When you add maraschino cherry juice to a still glass of Mountain Dew, you get something very similar to a tequila sunrise effect that's quite lovely:

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