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Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated has apparently gone down the tubes lately. People on forums are calling it a "tabloid" and a "rag." The reason I've checked? Hines Ward - February's Super Bowl MVP - was quoted several times in a story about his trip to Korea as being very rude, arrogant, and egotistical. One of those quotes, […]

I just got an email from NetFlix. Seems the settlement in their class action lawsuit has been modified to be a little more user friendly. Basically, former customers got one free month and current customers got an upgraded service plan for one month. What's changed is that, before the revision, customers would automatically be kept […]

Nintendo Wiimote

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm pretty excited about the Nintendo Wii. Dumb name, promising concept. Not only does the "remote" (or "Wiimote" as some have taken to calling it) feature mottion sensing in several directions (including tilt, etc.) but it features a rumbler and a speaker. That sounds like fun! […]

Back from New Joysey

I'm back from four days (and around 125 holes) of golf. I'll be updating this blog with some older back entries (mostly QotDs) later tonight if I get the chance.

Bethpage Black

On Friday, at 1:08pm, I'm playing a former (and likely future) U.S. Open course: Bethpage Black. I've played two rounds in Tiger Woods 2004 (it's not in 2005 and I didn't spend the money to get 2006) and scored well. It's unlikely I'll repeat such a feat "IRL".

The Masters (Phil Wins)

Bah. I did a whole lot of sitting on my ass today watching golf. The third round kicked off at 8am (or rather, continued again after a delay on Saturday). Then the final round began at 2:30 and did not finish until 7:30. Phil Mickelson, phony that he is, won his second green jacket. Tomorrow […]

2006 Steelers Schedule

The 2006 Steelers schedule is out. The Steelers start the season early, as is (recent) tradition, with what will be a tough game against the Dolphins. Then we have 11 days off. The schedule has lots of late games this year, and one thing that will suck: Dec 3 - Dec 7 shows two games. […]

Had a pool lesson today. Must work on keeping arm hanging straight down from elbow. It's partly wrist angle, partly other things. I'm looking forward to kicking Brandon and Ben's butts tomorrow night, though, I can assure you of that.

I'm watching The Smartest Guys in the Room right now in the background as I do work. Someone just said they felt as though they had no life and that they were being consumed by the company (Enron). I had a quick flash to The Matrix and how the storyline there - people feeding the […]

Paintball Resources Online?

I feel weird posting anything else today after my last post… but what's the point of having your organs if you aren't really using 'em? I'm considering getting into paintball. It seems like something I can do not only during the summer but during the winter, too. I'm pretty new to it all, so I'm […]

I Golfed Today!

I played golf today at my country club. They had temporary greens (duh), but I was surprised how little snow there was laying around. Usually that course holds snow longer than just about anywhere else in Erie county. At any rate, I played to the temporary pins. Course played just about as long as usual […]

Last night was the fifth (or sixth, or fourth, or who knows?) weekly pool night at the recently opened "Barzeski Billiards." Brandon and Ben came over at around 6. Brandon left early, but Ben and I hung around and played until 3am or so. The pool table has settled just a bit - or wasn't […]


Well, the guy I wanted to win the tournament didn't win. The trip to and fro was nice, the hotel was great, and there was nothing to do but gamble and watch pool, so the weekend really wasn't as great as I was hoping for. Oh well. P.S. The post title refers to the antics […]

Whisenhunt Stays with Steelers

Ken Whisenhunt showed that he's not only a smart offensive coordinator, but that he's also an all-around smart person. He turned down Al Davis' offer to coach the Raiders. Oakland is a coaching graveyard, and with the Steelers, Ken sees the potential to win, oh, ten or so more Super Bowls in the next ten […]

Super Bowl Fallout

Well, I said it before and I'll say it again: it's odd how incredibly unsatisfied I am with a Steelers Super Bowl victory. It largely boils down to the fact that the playoffs (Cinci, Indy, Denver) were so exciting and the Steelers had their A game only to bring their C/D game to the Super […]

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