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Wii Tennis: (Mii * 2)^2

Today I played a five-set match against myself. Two-on-two and completely against myself. The Wii split-screened the match and I had to hit, then immediately look to the other half of the screen. I almost never used my guy at the net because I wasn't quick enough to know whether it was a forehand or […]

Wiimail (Problems)

Has anyone successfully added an email address to their Wii address book? I hear you can - and you're supposed to get an authentication/confirmation email - but I never see the email. Furthermore, any and all attempts to set up an account at still fail with a lame message: We are currently experiencing technical […]

HD Finally (Actually) Installed

My 5-LNB satellite dish has been installed and I am now enjoying high-definition local content. Woohoo! Some television shows are noticeably better, some only marginally. Most football games are incredible in high def, even 720p. I wish I had known that Pittsburgh's local channels were available in high definition sooner. I'd have switched months ago. […]

HD Arrives… Kinda

The DirecTV HDTV/DVR I ordered a few days ago arrived, and I've unpacked and installed it. Unfortunately, the installer who came to install the 5-LNB dish I need to receive local channels didn't know I needed both a) a dish and b) a pole to mount it on. The current 3-LNB dish picks up all […]

Bartlet for Studio 60

As seen on last night's episode of Studio 60:

The Wii Address Book

Is anyone else bothered by the Wii's built-in address book? My list of complaints may be short, but each complaint is substantial: Nicknames are limited to what has to be an arbitrary ten letters. Sorry, Phil Letourneau, but you're just "P. Letourn" in my system. The Wii has 512 MB internal storage and you can't […]

My Wii Console Code

My Wii console code is: 6703 3062 3247 5192. If you want to add me, go ahead. If you want to post yours in the comments, please feel free to do so. I'll add the people I consider friends to my console as they comment (and as they obtain their Wiis). Feel free to add […]

A Wii Bit of Fun

Shortly after 11am I dropped by the local Gamestop to pick up my semi-pre-ordered Wii and an extra controller. I'd already gotten the games a few days ago, after all. I took the box home and hooked it up. I wasn't surprised by the size of the machine, but the size of the sensor bar […]

Quick Football Stat of the Day

Ben Roethlisberger: 20 of 26 for 224 yards. In the fourth quarter.

Now All I Need is my Wii

I was in the area, so I dropped in to my local GameStop to pick up my pre-ordered Wii games (picture in the extended entry). I haven't pre-ordered any first-party titles, so they were all available to me as third-party games have no "do not sell until" restriction. Now all I need is my Wii, […]

Buy Wii Component Cables Online

I've pre-ordered my component cables online, thanks to Cabel. You can do so too by clicking here. If you order the fastest shipping ($13), you'll have your cables by Friday or Monday. It sure beats calling in (800-255-3700) and being rejected several times by a "lines too busy" message. Retailers may or may not have […]

Carey and I went to a local exercise store today to look at an elliptical machine for (ugh) the living room. Our $68/month membership to the Pennbriar (a local athletic club) expires soon and we don't use it nearly often enough to justify the cost. We both liked the Octane Q37e (which has a wireless […]

The Steelers have played solid football three times this year. Is it any wonder they've won those three games? They've dominated nearly every game they've lost as well, but when you're -11 in the turnover differential, it often doesn't matter how good your team is. With a -11 differential, you can be a top-10 team […]

Are You Buying a Wii?

I'm trying the Democracy WordPress polling plugin and this is the first poll I've created: {democracy:1} Feel free to elaborate in the comments.

This about sums it up: If Wii Sports is for the non-gamers, Twilight Princess is for the hardcore. After I spent 10 hours with the game, I barely managed to squeak by two temples, with the third so far off that I could scarcely imagine getting there, let alone approach the objective. (For the record, […]