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Want to remove your account from many online services? Just Delete Me is a directory of direct links to delete your account from web services.

The Plus Side of Pissing People Off

The Plus Side of Pissing People Off is a good article. What's not said? Just make sure you're right. There's no prize or good in pissing people off and being wrong. In a lot of ways, the truth is an absolute defense.

Breaking Bad Series Finale


(I intended to write a lot more, but… uh, nothing I could write would do it justice. I'm just glad that I stuck with the show during some of the duller parts.)

iOS 7 Stuff

Two iPhone/iOS Bits

iOS 7: It's better than it looks | Lex Friedman | Lex, Briefly and Daring Fireball: The iPhone 5S and 5C. Read both.

20 Jeff Bezos Quotes

The 20 Smartest Things Jeff Bezos Has Ever Said.

Different DNS for Different Domains

Lex tells you how to use different DNS servers for specific domains.

Simple Cameras

But camera manufacturers don't seem constitutionally capable of making a super-simple camera. They must be deeply convinced that the complexity of the feature set (which certainly does appeal to a lot of us) is an indivisible part of how they add value to their product, and the temptation to add more and more is something they can't forswear even for one product. I mean, with hundreds of cameras on the market, wouldn't you think they could make one that was super-simple, just for that segment of the population that wants it? And market it that way. You'd think. But no.


Tim Cook an Unmitigated Disaster?

FORTUNE -- I'm sure Tim Cook is hugely competent, a wonderful operating executive, and a real nice guy.

But as CEO of the world's most respected high-tech franchise, he has been an unmitigated disaster.

Uhm, okay…

I'll respectfully disagree. :-P

The iPhone 5s Camera

Michael Tsai with a few great links about the iPhone 5s camera.

The Feynman Lectures on Physics

I predict I will spend hours reading The Feynman Lectures on Physics.

Seriously, this is a big list.

Apple Laying the Groundwork

The Most Forward Thinking Apple Yet has the subtitle "What the 64-bit capable iOS 7 and the M7 chip really mean".

How Steve was Fired from Apple

Steve came to me and he said, "I want to drop the price of the Macintosh and I want to move the advertising, shift a large portion of it away from the Apple 2 over to the Mac."

I said, "Steve, it's not going to make any difference. The reason the Mac is not selling has nothing to do with the price or with the advertising. If you do that, we risk throwing the company into a loss." And he just totally disagreed with me.


Gruber on the iPhone 5s and 5c

Thoughts and Observations on Today's iPhone 5C and 5S Introduction:

I got this one wrong. … In marketing, what looks new is new.

iBeacon, AirDrop

Apple has avoided NFC, and all the rumors about NFC getting added to iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 are turned out to be false. Instead of NFC, Apple worked on alternatives using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. During the introduction of iOS 7′s AirDrop at WWDC in June, Apple's mobile development chief Craig Federighi said, "There's no need to wander around the room, bumping your phone," referring how NFC phones need to be very close to transfer the data.


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