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iOS ’86

Love it! If this were somehow an Easter Egg in iOS, I'd enable it right away.

Wait, remember Easter Eggs?

Six hours of Googling all the classics later…

Ah, Easter Eggs. Good times. Good times.

A Different Kind of Apple Book

Perhaps when I'm done reading Steve Jobs I'll read the new Apple Book by Ken Segall. It looks good.

Walter Isaacson’s ‘Steve Jobs’

I'm just now getting around to reading Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, and though I know I'll learn little new from the book, I'll still get through it.

John Gruber summarizes the issues with the book succinctly:

You could learn more about Steve Jobs's work by reading Rob Walker's 2003 New York Times Magazine piece than by reading Isaacson's book, but even then we're left wanting for the stories behind any of Apple's products after the iPod. Isaacson's book may well be the defining resource for Jobs's personal life — his childhood, youth, eccentricities, cruelty, temper, and emotional outbursts. But as regards Jobs's work, Isaacson leaves the reader profoundly and tragically misinformed.

It's disappointing that the last and best opportunity to get to know Steve Jobs was squandered by Walter Isaacson. Nobody thinks Jobs always made the best decisions, but it's sad that his poor choice of Isaacson will be regarded by many as his last decision.

Workout Schedule

True or False: I maintain a regular exercise or workout schedule.
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Whitney’s Rendition of The Star Spangled Banner

I vaguely remember watching this. It wasn't as impressive at the time - I remember thinking more that it was odd she was wearing a track suit or something than how well she performed.

5 Simple Keys® Facebook Group

Join it today if you're at all interested in golf:

Lies Within Us

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

A Streak Comes to an End

And it lasted almost a year. ;)

Can’t Block People in iMessage

If you search the Intertubes you'll find a few instances of people asking how to block someone from iMessaging them.

Through your carrier, you can block someone from calling and texting you, but Apple has yet to provide a way to prevent a number (or ostensibly an email address) from iMessaging you.

Suppose for instance someone from your past is harassing you. You can block them from calling, and you can block them from texting, but unless you disable iMessage system-wide, you cannot prevent them from iMessaging you.

Apple should add the capability to block iMessages from certain numbers/email addresses.

Kelly’s Quote

"If everyone was as brilliant as you and I, we wouldn't be brilliant anymore."

Of course, the trick to applying this attitude effectively is to simply smile and keep your thoughts to yourself. :-D

Upgraded Dropbox

Despite the fact that I still think the upgrades are too large, I've upgraded my Dropbox account to the 50 GB plan. I previously had 7.8 GB1 and now, oddly, have 61.2 GB2.

If you'd like to sign up for Dropbox - and you should - just click this link:


  1. I believe it's 7 GB, 750 MB
  2. Again, probably 61 GB, 225 MB

Gians Beat Patriots Again

I watched the Super Bowl at Dave's house, and a good time was had by all.

I intentionally bet heavily in the pool on the Patriots, figuring that since I wanted the Giants to win (really, really dislike the Patriots), I'd be okay either way: I'd earn some cash or see the Pats lose.

Kelly Clarkson's anthem was 1:34 exactly, causing a push and reminding me that people bet on all sorts of crazy things.

PBJ Time

For those who know:

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Running Training Plan

First, an image:

Running Miles

Now, obviously, during November and December I was still doing the Run5K (nee C25K) program. And in January I started my streak of running one mile, minimum, every day (#dailymileminimum). So that helps. But anyway…

I've graduated from C25K/Run5K, and I'm working on building a training program rather than aimlessly running around.

Here's what I have planned out as of right now:

Got a RoadID Also

I guess the RoadID folks had heard enough about me talking about my 1BandID. They sent me a nice coupon for a RoadID Elite and so I ordered one. It arrived while I was in Florida, and it looks like this:


At this point I still prefer the 1BandID. I'm more likely to take it with me since it's attached to my watch. However, the RoadID is nice simply for the reason that I don't need my watch all the time. If I go hiking or take the kayak out, I might not wear my Garmin Forerunner 610.

It's a bit loose on my wrist, but I'm hesitant to cut one more of the "links" off in case it goes from just a bit loose to just a bit tight. The ID portion itself is interchangeable and slides (I've moved it to get both it and the latch in the photo at the same time), and I have a green band (I wish it was brighter green) that I am keeping safe for now. The latching mechanism is like a watch's and works nicely. The entire ID is pretty lightweight and feels just fine on.

So, 90% of the time I'll probably wear the 1BandID, and 10% of the time I'll wear the RoadID. Maybe I'll wear both in case one of my arms is severed. :-)

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