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Archive for December, 2002

Independent Games

An interesting article at O'Reilly's ONLamp talks about independent game developers. The event, sponsored by Eugene, OR resident Garage Games, was thrown together this year but should (could?) grow into a yearly event. One of the parts talked about the Mac platform as "undertapped." I haven't really got thoughts one way or the other. We've […]

Deleting Code… Sometimes

Ned Batchelder has an interesting little ditty on deleting code in programming environments. His advice: Select a section of code in your editor, hit the backspace key, and be done with it. While this may seem like a great, simple way to handle things, in practice it isn't always the best. Ned says you can […]

Overlooking Ugly Sites

In this day and age, I find it increasingly important to have Web site presence that's "presentable" at worst. Witness the site, a pretty "plain" (if you wish to be polite) site. I'd followed a link from to check out NetTunes, and pretty much left after seeing the home page. Just as […]

Star Wars Folds

This site provides fun origami projects for Star Wars fans. To the right, of course, is a Tie Fighter. Am I the only person alive who thinks George Lucas should hire a screenwriter to beat him over the head, steal the Star Wars III script, and rewrite it? After witnessing the atrociousness that was Star […]

Questions to Ask

I like to ask questions. I like to find out about people. I like to know what they're thinking. For example, I like this question: "if you were a fruit, what kind of fruit would you be and why?" My answer is "kiwi" (I'll leave the "why?" for another time). I've found that many people […]

The Far Side Ends

I peeked ahead to the end of my 2002 Far Side calendar - the last Far Side yearly calendar they'll be making - and proved correct a theory I had in January: that every day's comic involved someone or something dying, already dead, or being fatally injured. I'll miss the Far Side daily calendar, but […]

Raskin’s, Uhhh, “Vision”

From the "Should I Care?" department comes this gem: Jef Raskin, creator of "Macintosh," has begun work on an open source GUI to replace Aqua on Mac OS X. He's called it the. Yeah, that's a proper sentence... His project is called "THE" - an acronym for "The Humane Environment." How much advice should we […]

Top 10 Mac Mysteries of 2003

An article on the Top 10 Space Mysteries for 2003 got me thinking. It's near to New Year's, and so I've decided to forego my New Year's resolutions in favor of building this list: Top 10 Mac Mysteries for 2003. Some we may find out, and some way may never know...

Women in the Draft

This article, which talks about women in the draft (or more correctly, women not in the draft, makes several good points. I find it fairly paradoxical that for all of the "women's lib" stuff going on, women have never said "we also want to be forced to go to war!" But whenever I mention this […]

Pretty Smart Guy

I like this quote: I'm a pretty smart guy. The problem with being relatively more intelligent than most people is that 90% of the time, they have no friggin' clue what you're talking about. It's from this article about how standards bodies... suck. My friend Kelly once told me that "if everyone were as smart […]

The Day After: XMas 2002

Well, it's the day after Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring... not even Flint the wünderdög. I spent a decent amount of time hacking up MovableType yesterday. Listened to some music, putzed around. I'm trying to make the site look as good as possible without using any graphics. And screw […]

Encouraging Stealing?

This article at is an interesting one that puts forth the notion that Apple not only cares what people do with the digital content they may acquire (putting songs on their iPod, burning DVDs, etc.), but that Apple doesn't care about software at all. I'm not sure I agree with the latter premise, and […]

Christmas Physics

I'm listening to a book called "The Physics of Christmas" by Roger Highfield, and it's simply amazing the things which get consideration in this over-commercialized season. The book, having already covered the history of "Santa Claus" and his use in Coca Cola commercials, his effect in Denmark, and all sorts of other things, is currently […]

Cloning XP

Who the hell would want to clone the XP interface? Apparently a few people want to do so. is set up just to do that, in fact. The funny thing is, at this time, KDE and Mac OS X are both beating XP in their "Which desktop environment do you think is the best?" […]


If this isn't an easy victory, I don't know what is. Ahhh, the spoils of victory and the joyousness of conquering the world on Christmas day. Today is very much like any other day, except that I don't plan on talking to anyone but my dog. I'm at a very decent place in life right […]