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Archive for March, 2003

Speaking of TrackBacks… I find it somewhat offensive to link (and thus TrackBack) to articles while offering nothing new to the topic. While not the same as TrackBack spam, this kind of thing is pretty close. Is it too much to ask that you even write a simple "I agree" or "This is funny shit, […]

Iraqi TV Guide

Sunday 7:30 -- My 33 Sons 8:00 -- Osama Knows Best 8:30 -- Let's Mecca Deal 9:00 -- I Dream of Mohammed 9:30 -- The Kabul Hillbillies


Jamie pointed me at this page. I'll let you read it yourself, but the gist is this: a "woman" writes in to criticize feminists for taking things too far, cautioning them that she likes getting flowers, for example. Except the "woman" is a guy, as the real women discover.


Back in Mac OS 8 and 9 I used something called PopupCD to control my CD player. Back before the days of widespread MP3 use, when the only audio you typically heard on your Mac was from an audio CD, a movie, or a system beep, PopupCD was a godsend. Who wanted to use Apple […]

I don't understand what's so difficult to understand about TrackBacks, but this surely wouldn't clear it up if I was confused. A TrackBack list is simply a list of entries that relate to (usually by linking to and discussing) the page (be it an individual entry or a category) at which you're staring. The […]

The Women of Apple

Do you think that if Playboy ever did a "The Women of Apple" pictorial, they'd be able to resist making a few "garden of Eden" jokes? "One of the deep mysteries to me is our logo, the symbol of lust and knowledge, bitten into, all crossed with the colors of the rainbow in the wrong […]

From the Movie…

Do you speak 'Caddyshack'? I do. I've had this conversation with several women friends, typically after quoting a movie that they didn't see or don't recall. "… and some Funions, man…" is from Half-Baked. "Hello, Clarice" is a bit easier - most women usually get that one. All sorts of movies. I quote quite a […]

War vs. Invasion

"War" is something that, in my country, only our Congress can declare. As such, we are not at "war" with Iraq. Yet Fox, CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC refer to the "war" in Iraq. By dictionary definition, yes, there is a war going on. By that same definition, I suppose that, in fact, America has […]


Kuro5hin talks about iterators - C++, Java, etc. I didn't find any mention of Objective-C or Cocoa on the page, but I'd like to point out that the Cocoa frameworks have some pretty nice iterators and reverse iterators called "enumerators." Combined with some of the other methods, like componentsSeparatedByString: and so on, Cocoa's enumerators are […]

Bubbly Vomit

My dog Flint has been acting oddly the past few hours. I took him out and he had, well, let's just say what came out the back wasn't so solid. I took him out again just now and he tried to eat some grass. I'd let him solve his own problems except the pesticides would […]

Edwin Schlossberg

Good writing gets people to think. It may get them to react violently - and I don't mean physically violently - or it may get them to react pensively. It doesn't matter much - it gets a reaction that involves thought. Many times throughout my writing career I've even said this. When discussing John Dvorak […]

Bush the Dolt

Buzz takes issue with my previous mention of Shrub*, calling it a "withering assault." Frankly, I thought it was rather glib for a quickie post, and anyone who knows me understands that I care very little for most politicians (or politics). Would Al Gore have made a better President? I don't know. That's neither here […]

Fake Paper

This morning I went to Albertson's to grab some ham, some bacon, and some OJ. They open at 6, and I had yet to go to sleep, so I wanted a real breakfast. I gathered my items (the bacon is not near the ham, as I discovered, but is instead by the cheese - sandwich […]

National Day of Prayer

From this article (found on comes this load of hooey: The House passed a resolution Thursday calling for a national day of humility, prayer and fasting in a time of war and terrorism. The resolution, passed 346-49, says Americans should use the day of prayer "to seek guidance from God to achieve a […]

From Mac Net Journal comes this: CNET notes that Salon has received more funding to the tune of $800 million, which hopefully will be enough to keep the online magazine alive for a while. Now let's hope the site can reach its goal of breaking even, which would be a win for selling quality writing […]