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Archive for March, 2003

MSN for the Mac

Just got an email: just went up. Speaketh Andy: "who in their right mind uses msn?" I don't know.

Funny Quotes

Codepoet at has some funny subtitles right now. A few of them that I've seen lately: Press button to test. Release to detonate. I want what money can't buy: more money. This message is shareware. If you read it, send me $5.00 Drugs may lead to nowhere, but at least it's the scenic route. […]

iWant iSkin

I want one of these. Unfortunately, I don't know if it's worth $25 to me. Any chance those people will send me one? I'd post again later saying how much I liked it, I promise I would… 🙂 Actually, I just mentioned to Matt that we're probably not too far off from this. After all, […]

Eric-with-a-C has some commentary on my previous article on interviewing programmers. I also had a conversation with Jeff after I posted my article. I want to refine my point of view.

Quake 3 in a Window

So today I played a bit more Quake 3. As I have the Cinema, I have to play it in a window to get a resolution other than 640 x 480. 1152 x whatever with the all the effects set to the highest quality is still silky smooth on this dual 800. I used my […]

More on “Not a Bug”

I should have written a bit more clearly in my previous article on this "bug" (note the quotes), but having failed to do so previously, I'll do so now. This behavior (allowing you to replace a folder with a file) is not a bug, but the dialog could be worded better. Flat out not allowing […]

Updated RSS 1.0 Feed

I've updated my RSS 1.0 feed per the instructions on O'ReillyNet. Actually, I only implemented the errorReportsTo thing, but I'm blogging this so that if I ever want to list comments and TrackBacks in my feeds, I can more easily do so.

Need Help with your Sex Life?

For your eyes only: animated sexual positions, courtesy of a condom maker. Wow, it doesn't get much kinkier than these pixellized pornos… with sound effects! 🙂

NetNewsWire to HTML

Looking for a quick AppleScript to update your blogroll? Look no further than the script posted in the comments to Jeremy Zawodny's Blogroll Updates and… Scripting NNW. I've got a longer entry on AppleScript planned for later, but this example illustrates some of my points nicely. Quite nice, quite useful, quite Mac. B-)

Interviewing Programmers

A few years ago I interviewed with Microsoft and was asked to generate code on the spot - on paper - to solve some problems. It had been a few years since my last C++ class, and I was deeper into Objective-C at that point, so I found it a frustrating activity. I didn't have […]

Why Buy “Weblog Hacks”?

Why would I buy Weblog Hacks. Everything about it is available online, for free, because bloggers like to share. At least on the MovableType platform, I guess. Witness, for example, I'm honestly asking: why would I buy this? I'm not opposed to sp money if I get something out of it, but a book […]

Blog via Email with pop2blog

I'm blogging this link, which links to pop2blog because I may some day want to implement it, and I'm sure the first place I'll search is on my blog, probably by typing in 🙂

My New Mouse

I'm giving a new mouse a go: the Logitech MX-700. It's an eight-button (or more if you want to count click-scrolling) wireless rechargeable mouse. It feels about the right weight, and slides effortlessly on my desk. It's (temporarily at least) replacing a Kensington Optical Elite, a five button mouse. I'm a big fan of having […]

Apple’s Death, Part 971,321

From the "Give me a Freakin' Break" department: Going by the numbers, Apple Computer Inc. appears headed for trouble again. While CEO Steven P. Jobs engineered a remarkable comeback after retaking the helm in 1997, one-time expenses, such as plant closures, have pushed the company into the red for two quarters running. Originally found at […]