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Archive for March, 2003

Olivia Newton-John looks better now than she did in the 80s. Wasn't this supposed to be disco week? What the hell? How the heck is country-rock supposed to fit into American Idol? I hate this. I hate twang, I hate it hate it hate it. I'm tempted to simply not comment like Nick but then […]

The filesystem in Longhorn is something I plan to follow (and am, I suppose*). Dominic Giampaolo has been at Apple long enough to have worked some ideas into Panther, perhaps, so maybe Apple has more up its sleeve to match this than we may think. I've read enough of Scot Hacker's stuff to understand how […]


Is this too blunt? 🙂

Genies and Old Jokes

A silly old joke I found somewhere: A Mac user found a magic lamp with a Genie in it. The Genie said he wasn't as powerfull as other Genies and could only grant one wish. So the Mac User brought out a map of the Middle-East and asked the Genie if he could bring peace […]

Cynical Me

Danielle didn't show up yesterday. Go figure. This "friend" of mine from Cleveland is largely responsible for my recent bout of cynicism. She's done nothing but lie to me, use me, and otherwise abuse what was once a very soft heart for a sob story. I was lulled into being compassionate, and she took advantage.

Invader Zim

Just as Josh gets me to watch Invader Zim they cancel the damn show. I'm not big into animé, and I don't typically care for cartoons, but the whopping two episodes of Invader Zim were amusing, funny, and witty. Hrmph. As Well

Jeremy writes about's customer service. I too cancelled my account his morning, prior to having read his entry, and faced the same bullcrap. In fact, I'd have cancelled in January but I never got around to calling them back. What bullshit! They have no problem at all allowing me to increase my charges by […]

Blog Spam

On my previous note about TrackBack spam, here's an article to which I wished to link for a few days now. It's not TrackBack spam, but it is comment spam - another function of blogging that I enjoy tremendously. The day all of this stuff is ruined is the day I'll stop. I think that […]

TrackBack Tom

Tom Coates made me wonder how long TrackBacks will exist before they become useless and spammed, just like our inboxes. My own thoughts also include these: I like TrackBacks. They're one of the best things about blogging. The day they become even slightly more than the hassle they can be now (deleting multiple TrackBacks, timeouts, […]

GameBoy Advance SP

It seems that Chris Pirillo has picked up a GameBoy Advance SP. I got mine last Thursday and have been playing some golf - Mario Golf from the old days - on it. José recommends CyberTiger so as soon as I can find that for $14.99 or so I'll pick up a copy. I've got […]

Adobe Prefers PCs

Jeez, Adobe's gonna hear about this from somebody. Maybe somebody named Steve. "The Great Render Race" my ass. The problem, of course, being that this "race" has no endpoint, and Adobe should know that over the course of history, Macs have been both faster and slower than PCs many times each. Plus, Adobe's hardly capitalized […]

Kasia is looking to start a blog list for Connecticut. I've emailed her (no repsonse yet) regarding my own plans (I think I can call them that) to start a site for Florida bloggers and suggested that perhaps she and I (and others) could create a national database and site. We'd filter on zip or […]

Benevolence at 7am

Good thing I'm awake at 7am normally because at exactly 7:15am this morning, the "Police Benevolence Society" or somesuch silly group called me soliciting funds. I've been called by nearly every law enforcement, fire fighting, and volunteer organization remotely connected with either of those in the past few months, and frankly, it's getting annoying. They […]

Danger SDK

Nicholas Riley, Steven of Panic, and others are getting into some HipTop development. The SideKick as it is called by T-Mobile is easily one of my favorite gadgets even though I have little "real" use for it - I have a cell phone and a laptop, after all. However, when an SSH client comes out, […]


My birthday is nearly over. I'll write more later. Apologies to those who will see this entry four times in their aggregator. José… Not sure what to say other than "thanks." You made my week, my month doubly special. Thanks.