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Archive for March, 2003

Pretty Woman Moments

AdSense advertising, which diamond jewelry I think is what we're currently jewelryinolog see on blogspot blogs. Presumably jewelry I'll get a share of the revenues religious jewelry for making the space available christian jewelry (what would be the point otherwise?). dog jewelry And since AdSense does its silver jewelry best to make the ads appropriate, […]

Fun with Chemistry

Why I became a chemist, lesson 1: explosions, pretty colors, and dry ice. This page lists some interesting chemical reactions, captured in moderately sized QuickTime movies. Well worth a few minutes of your time if you care at all to see chemistry in action.

Oh the Profundity

From J, because "a spankin' new MySQL book was released and amazon felt obliged to let me know": The unexpected pleasure of reading books about databases is that they are often written by authors with highly organized minds. "Oh the profundity!" she says. Je suis d'accord. Heh.

Less Travel, Less Pain

Anyone who types a lot appreciates how much "work" it can be to pound the keys all day. That in mind, every time I use my PowerBook it's always a pleasure. The keys feel nice. I'm not sure that feeling translates well to a regular full-size keyboard, but if it does, then the IceKey looks […]

Freshly Squeezed Software is seeking a new graphics/icon artist for one or two upcoming projects. Ideally, we'd like to hire an up-and-coming icon artist: we get icons for less dough, they get one of their first clients for their portfolio. The app in question is shown to the right - and that's about all I […]

WWDC Date Change

WTF? WWDC is now June 23-27 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco? WTF? It's official. WWDC 2003 includes the next major release of Mac OS X, codenamed "Panther." I guess I won't be going this year. Bummer.


I got a blender and a coffee maker today. I've already made smoothies with my industrial-strenght blender. Mmmm, piña colada. Jamie has a recipe for strawberry/banana that she'll hopefully demonstrate some day. I like those flavors. Of course, I'll use it for some more "manly" drinks too, like tequila sunrises. Y'know, when all the friends […]

Minority Computing

I often wonder how much of the Mac's near-imperviousness to viruses is due to its smaller market share and how much of it is due to better technology and common sense (i.e. no system-wide VBScript-able auto-executing address book/emailer): Microsoft Corp. on Wednesday warned about a serious flaw in all versions of its popular Windows software […]

Apple Has a Sense of Humor

Apple has a sense of humor, or at least one person there does. One person with the ability to change Apple's website. The chap posted a link to this article at Crazy Apple Rumors (.com) in their Hot News section: Brilliant! Three cheers. Humor is sadly missing from many pieces of today's world.

Women's Fashion: Part V, Releasing Your Inner Slut is an interesting article written by women, for women. As such, men such as myself will use it to gain insight into women's minds.1 After all, Cosmo only publishes a few such thought-provoking, well-researched, all-too-revealing articles per month! "It's not slutty, it's fun" says Reese Witherspoon to […]

Swedes Have More Fun

If blondes have more fun, you'd think Sweden would be a prettty rockin' place, wouldn't ya? Turns out the Crown Princess Victoria (the next queen, to the right) is a lovely brunette, as is her sister Princess Madeleine. I talked with Judi yesterday about stereotypes, and Jamie too, and it's a fairly established stereotype that […]


I love /usr/share/misc/. 🙂 [10:26am iacas@Gaia:~] % cat /usr/share/misc/flowers | grep Rose Rose, any color:Love. Rose, deep red:Bashful shame. Rose, single, pink:Simplicity. Rose, thornless, any color:Early attachment. Rose, white:I am worthy of you. Rose, yellow:Decrease of love, rise of jealousy. Rosebud, white:Girlhood, and a heart ignorant of love. Rosemary:Rememberance. A bit lame on the color […]

Tax Day

Today is my tax day - I meet with my CPA (of one year) later tonight. I'm surely about a billion dollars behind in debt, having 1099'd nearly the whole year. It's a very weird feeling to have to tax myself: I get a $4000 check and I have to take out $1500 to pay […]

Kingpins of the Hill

I am determined to remain fairly non-political, so I make no testament to the veracity of this. I just find it amusing for a few seconds. From Jamie's mom: can you imagine working for a company that has a little more than 500 employees and has the following statistics:

F*** Filters?

In the past few hours, MovableType has logged a number of searches for "archives/imgs/fonts_panel_****up.gif". Bear in mind that my 404 page automatically searches for things (allowing me to type, for example, aiken and see the results. Thing is, the image is located at archives/imgs/fonts_panel_fuckup.gif. I guess someone's filtering software is going crazy? Fine. But […]