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Archive for October, 2003

Cease and Desist

Developing software has its ups and downs. Today, Freshly Squeezed Software got a call from a woman regarding a trademark on which we'd supposedly infringed. I reworded the language on a page or two, and all should be well in the world. The wording wasn't particularly important, and the product was our cheapest, so I […]

QotD: Costume

Question: What's the best costume you ever wore for Halloween? My Answer: I was Kermit the Frog for many years, and won many, many awards. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

QotD: Bodyfood

Question: Have you ever eaten food off of someone else's body? If so, what was it? My Answer: I must admit that I have, in fact, consumed small quantities of chocolate syrup and whipped cream from the bodice of another. I don't even particularly like chocolate syrup. You are encouraged to answer the Question of […]


This is freaking awesome! R.E.M. is streaming hours and hours of video - interviews, live concerts, music videos, behind-the-scenes, radio talk show appearances, the works! Free! 24/7! The music just keeps playing and playing. FREE!!! The only thing I can't do is save the videos, which would be awesome. I've got a lot of them […]


Back when Jamie and I were dating, she told me that I was a bit of a metrosexual. I think she'd take that back if she saw my hands right now (cut up a little bit from fishing hooks, line, paddling 25 miles a week, etc.), my tan (a bit uneven, due to, y'know, clothing), […]

Fly Fishing

Last week I purchased a fly rod, some line, and whatnot. The down and dirty: Flyrod: St. Croix Legend Ultra, 9', 8wt. Reel: A Bass Pro Gold Cup III (it has a solid disc drag, and no link) Backing: standard 20lb micro backing Line: Cortland 444 Tropic Plus Lazer Line, rocket taper (weight-forward), 8wt., floating, […]

QotD: ID3 Tags

Question: What percentage of your MP3s (or AACs, or whatever) have their metadata (album, artist, year, etc.) completed? Partially completed? My Answer: 100%. Except for some album art I've yet to get, of course, because that involves the tedious process of using to get the images, selecting all the songs in that album, dragging […]


Shall we simply label this person a neophyte, or a curmudgeon, and move on? People seem to be making a big deal about this new file system [WinFS, for Longhorn], as if having file metadata were going to be a giant leaping advancement for storing my files. I say "Bullshit!" I don't need or want […]


So, Pioneer has DVD-R TiVo receivers now, and they cost $1200 or $1800. They fail to allow you to add your own menus and whatnot as iDVD will, and they don't have DirecTV receivers built in. I think I'll keep my current solution for awhile…

QotD: Sharks

Question: What's the closest you've ever been to a wild shark? My Answer: I've touched one. 🙂 Duh (see today's other entry). You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

A Flamingo Slam

Headed down to Snake Bight (that's a word, look it up) off of Flamingo, FL today with Charlie. Back on "home turf" so to speak (if 3 hours of driving is my home turn). We weren't sure what we were gonna catch, but we were sure to catch something! The wind was at 5-10 knots […]

QotD: Chat

Question: What's your chat client of choice? My Answer: Adium. And before that, Adium. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

Adium 2.x

Adium 2.0 (still in alpha stages, I guess) rocks. I moved to it the other day when Jeff pointed out that the dock icon badging in Adium 1.6 didn't work in Panther. It's a big part of the reason why I use Adium, so I made the move. I'm glad I did! Wowee. IMing Nerdvana! […]

QotD: Fragmentation

Question: Do you defragment your hard disk(s)? Regularly? Ever? My Answer: Never. Though erasing, installing a new OS, and drag-copying my old files back over is a pretty effective way of doing so. Then today I read this: While we're talking about the not so well known/hidden new Panther features: while digging through the kernel […]


Sam Caughron lost a lot of my respect recently. He didn't invent app switching. Application switching has been in previous and various OSes by various companies. Sam didn't invent "the look" that he used for his app switcher, instead borrowing the "layered-on" look of things like volume and eject graphics from the OS. I didn't […]