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Archive for October, 2003

St. Louis 33, Pittsburgh 21

The Rams beat the Steelers today in a game exemplified by a weak offense, a weak secondary, and a glimmer of hope. A dash of stupid, lame penalties, and a loss for the 1000th Steeler game, and I may just be done writing about the season. Effectively, it should have ended today. Oddly, though, it […]


I've considered a switch in jobs this weekend. I've got a pretty stable, but only moderately well-paying job right now. It's not much of a challenge, and it's got a unique schedule (some evenings, some mornings, Thur-Mon work week). It does offer a cap of 40 hour weeks, two days off in a row, and […]

QotD: Age

Question: What's the toughest age? My Answer: I'm watching Try Seventeen right now, so I'm tempted to say 17. However, I'm going to go with 21 or 22. You're new to the world, you're new to life, you're new to a new location, you're new to working for a living. You're born again, in a […]

New Music Friday

Got some CDs today. I'm going to list them here without listing my reasons at all, and I'm fine with that. Okay, maybe I'm not... Coverage by Mandy Moore for $7.99 Up by Shania Twain for $11.99 Life for Rent by Dido for $9.99 Can't Take Me Home by Pink for $9.99 Stronger, the Remixes […]

QotD: Panther

Question: Are you getting it? Did you get it? Did you install it? Did you like it? My Answer: Yep. Yep. Yep. Yep. Duh. 😀 You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

Adam continues to work on our PulpFiction icons, this time taking the two sketches we liked and throwing in some color. Here's the first, and here's the second. At right, you see the colored versions. My concerns: we've lost the little newspaper from sketch two. The carton, though a better concept, looks muddy at smaller […]

Fish I’ve Caught in FL

Saltwater - Ladyfish - Sea Trout - Pinfish - Lizard Fish - Tarpon - Catfish - Jack Cravalle - Barracuda - Redfish (added 10/28/03) - Shark (added 10/28/03) - Snook (added 12/09/03) - Pufferfish (added 12/09/03) Freshwater - Mayan Cichlid - White Bass - White Crappie - (Peacock Bass) - (Largemouth Bass) I'll update this […]

QotD: Meat World

Question: Has the use of the Internet harmed your "real-world" or "meat-world" relationships? My Answer: No, it's strengthened them. I use the Internet in two modes: information gathering and communication. They're very similar, but you can also think of them as "readnig" and "writing." As an information gathering device, the Internet is great. I can […]

QotD: Feelings

Question: What's the strongest feeling? My Answer: I think I'm going to go with hate. This is both a highly personal question, and an odd one to be asked, because I'm trying to give an answer that's not at all personal. I've been in love, I've come close to falling in love, and I think […]

QotD: Lamest Sport

Question: What's the lamest sport? My Answer: Auto racing. Drivers piss themselves because there are no restroom breaks and the real "athletes" are multi-million dollar cars. Yet they call it a sport. It may be a race, but it's one that requires substantially less effort by the human than the machine. I don't consider any […]

QotD: This Decade

Question: For what do you think this decade will be remembered most? My Answer: The downfall of the music industry as we know it. Of course, that may be wishful thinking, but we'll see. I couldn't think of much better. The 90s are known for the Internet age, I think. It may be too early […]

California Bans Spam

Does an email address from a California-based company (say, one ending in "") count in the recent ban on spam in CA? Good luck enforcing that one. 🙁

QotD: Oxymoron

Question: What's your favorite oxymoron? My Answer: Today I heard the phrase "critical praise" and it just sounded odd. Not a true oxymoron, because by "critical" it means "from someone or a group of someones who is/are critic(s)," but it still sounded odd. My absolute favorites are often computing terms that pop up from time […]

Mr. Sterling

Not only has Fastlane crashed, but it seems that Mr. Sterling is done for as well. Oh well. At least I've still got West Wing. A Sorkin-less West Wing, but a West Wing nonetheless.

War Driving

A friend of mine, who lives near Baltimore, did some war driving: We did this in two sessions of driving. The first was about fifteen minutes (driving to a restaurant and back), the second was about an hour and a half (we actually drove through apartment and housing complexes the second time instead of just […]