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Archive for December, 2003

My Raptor

Not one to wait, I jumped in and ordered my Raptor 30 v2 today. Here's the damage: Raptor 30 v2 (49 Ball Bearings) Kit w/ OS.32 SX-H Motor and Muffler $399.99 ProPod Training Gear 59.99 Sportsman Flight Set 299.99 Crash Kit 59.99 Futaba 9C PCM Radio w/servos 519.99 Futaba 401 Gyro Kit w/servo 189.99 KSG […]

QotD: R/C

Question: Have you ever owned a remote control toy/thing? My Answer: I had a remote controlled car as a kid. It ran on a battery and was good for about 30 minutes of fun before it'd just dog out. It went straight, backwards, and it turned. And that was about it. Still, it was one […]

MT 2.6.5 – Pro Soon?

I've upgraded to MovableType 2.6.5. Where is the Pro version again? Did I miss that press release? Hellooooooooo? I guess a Christmas present it is not.

QotD: Christmas Shopping

Question: On what day of the year do you typically complete your major Christmas shopping? My Answer: By "major" I don't mean a stray card or stocking stuffer. I complete my Christmas shopping by December 10 every year. A late "Secret Santa" thing this year has me in a bind, but I'll come up with […]


Question: How many DVDs do you own? My Answer: I don't know, let's find out. Seems I have around 183 (+18 or so Bond flicks I've yet to add to the list). You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

Remote Control Helicopters

I'm looking for some information on remote control helicopters (specifically a military style one - sleek and fast and "tough" looking while still somewhat maneuverable). I want a good one (if I get one), but none of the hobby shops around my area seem to carry any in the store. As this would be my […]

QotD: Text Message

Question: Do you text message? My Answer: Occasionally. I used to, when I was dating or friends with one person, send and receive about ten or twenty a day. Now I'm down to one or two a day. And, fwiw, I'd never send any of these text messages. You are encouraged to answer the Question […]


% leave 0130 Nice tip from Mac OS X Hints. You can get their RSS feed here: .

QotD: All-Star Survivor

Question: If you could pick the top three people for the eighth season of Survivor (the All-Star edition), who would you choose? My Answer: Jon let slip "maybe during All-Stars, my grandma will die" during the reunion show. Does that mean he's on the All-Star edition? I hope not yet I hope so as well. […]

PeTA vs. Angling

PeTA is hosting a little video on the cruel sport of fishing. Their QuickTime link doesn't work, but you can view the source and grab the rtsp://….mov link. The usual bad filmmaking typical of PeTA videos applies here. When talking about fish lying on the bottom after being released by an angler, they show pictures […]

QotD: Pre-Marital

Question: Sex before marriage? My Answer: You bet. I think the idea of being a virgin at your wedding had to do with the "quality" of the goods (including the dowry). Weddings used to be a business transaction. While I rank several things higher than the physical on the intimacy scale (psychological, emotional, spiritual, etc.), […]

Crane Creek Snook

Today was supposed to be the day that three green Tarpon 120 owners got together to show the world how to fish from a kayak, but alas, Mother Nature was having none of that! The area we had arranged to fish (it's a secret!) was forecast to have 15-20 MPH winds and a 40% chance […]

QotD: Moneyhappy

Question: Can money make you happy? My Answer: Though this study says otherwise, I disagree. I think that though money may not make you happy, it can relieve a lot of stress. Paying bills is a pain. Give me $5000/month for doing nothing and I won't have the stress of paying bills. I'd live in […]

Chemtrails and Crackpots

You know those streaky, puffy clouds left by airplanes? Bet you thought they were harmless, huh? Apparently they're not! They're called "chemtrails" and they're actually government spy planes spraying us with chemicals! Uh huh. The page is funny, largely because the people on it are so stupid, gullible, or fanatical that you just know you […]

QotD: Decorations

Question: Have you decorated for (insert your December holiday, if any, here)? My Answer: No. I live alone, and when my parents come to visit on the 27th, I'll tell them I took down all of the decorations on the 26th. After all, Christmas is over then, right? But my, it was fabulous! You are […]