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Archive for December, 2003

Stupid Survivor Poll

Stupid Survivor Poll on Should Burton have taken Jon on the Reward? a) Aye, they're mates b) Nay, he should've buttered up the ladies c) It may have been his undoing Could someone explain to me how I'm supposed to choose between B and C?

CDC to Scott Stevenson

I've made my decision re: Cocoa Dev Central, and I've decided to give the site to Scott Stevenson. He and I have known each other for about six years now, and we keep bumping into each other. We're active and somewhat public Mac users - it's bound to happen. Scott's a great guy with a […]

Running Mac OS X Panther

Tuesday I'm going to spend a few hours looking through JDD's new (upcoming) book Running Mac OS X Panther. It aims to be an advanced book that doesn't waste time telling you how to set your desktop pattern. I'm looking forward to it - hopefully it can give me some tips on how to improve […]

QotD: Messy

Question: How messy or clean is your apartment or home? My Answer: Currently my apartment is VERY messy, which sucks. When I was strictly a freelance guy, my apartment was spotless. Now that I only have 8 waking hours a day or so of free time (not counting driving to/from work, showering, etc.) and most […]

Another PulpFiction icon, another rejection. I'm beginning to feel bad for our icon designer, but he's a big boy, and he can take it. I'm not sure what's up with this one. It seems to combine the worst elements of previous icons. I blame myself: I apparently wasn't very clear. Instead, I've given the icon […]

QotD: Slap

Question: Have you ever slapped anyone? Been slapped? My Answer: No, and no. Not in the violent way. Sometimes in the playful way a woman will slap you when you say something silly or slighty sarcastic. I've never been one to walk up to a woman and say something that gets me slapped, and frankly, […]

Amber Tamblyn

She's quickly climbing my list. Very much adorable. Kind of odd seeing a 20-year old play a 16-year old, but such is life in Hollywood. But, ack, as I was sitting at the car dealer a week or two ago I read in People that she's living with her boyfriend of three years, so there […]

It's great to have reviews of your software. It's better yet to have reviews of software in a language you understand. Fortunately, je parle un peu français! Yes, a Booklet review in French. They've gotten the price confused with iWipe at $14 (it's $8), but that's an easy one to fix. P.S. Translated to English […]

QotD: Bathtub

Question: Have you ever over-filled your bathtub? My Answer: Nope. Well, until about 15 minutes ago. 45 minutes after I started running the water. That little drain near the rim can only keep up for so long, I tell ya! You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments […]

QotD: Survivor 7

Question: Who will win this season of Survivor? My Answer: I'm going to go with Darrah. I have no idea why. She's quietly slipping through and winning a lot of immunities. Lil has to go soon. Jon either will win or will not win (big time either way). Burton is a threat, and Sandra has […]

100 bounces to remove from our mailing list. A few hundred iChem registrations to send out to customers who bought iChem 1.0 through 1.2 (1.3 uses a new registration scheme). A quick fix to iChem 1.3 (reposted) because things like "H2O" wouldn't calculate. A bug found in MailDrop 1.3 that seems to prevent some people […]

FSS Updates Galore

Tonight saw the updating of several of Freshly Squeezed Software's products: FTPeel was updated to version 1.1b1 with SFTP and FTP-SSL support. MailDrop was updated to version 1.3 with WebKit support. iChem was updated to version 1.3 with Panther support. Booklet was updated to version 1.2 with Panther support. BackLight was updated to version 2.0 […]

Live from Baghdad

I've met Robert Wiener (and his mother), but I'd never seen the movie Live from Baghdad until today. It was on HBO and I was bored. Not a bad movie, and Helena Bonham-Carter doesn't look half bad either (though, truthfully, Michael Keaton is a bit better looking). I think the movie would have been far […]

Deleting Future Spam

A lot of the spam I receive comes from the future. I presume that this is because most people sort their email by date, and by sending email from 2016, spammers believe they'll stay higher in a person's list. SpamSieve grabs all of my email and shoves it into folder I've named "* Shit" (to […]

QotD: Bush’s Bio

Question: If you were to write George W. Bush's bio (see the previous entry on Clinton's), what would the first sentence say? My Answer: "After stealing the oval office in a controversial recount, "Dubya's" largest achievement in his single term in office was barely holding together the country, fractioned by those who saw him […]