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Archive for December, 2003

QotD: Spontaneity

Question: What's the most random or spontaneous thing you've ever done? My Answer: Once, while driving to work at the Erie Zoo, I decided that since my parents were away, I'd drive to Arizona instead. And so I did. Then I drove right back. But hey, I got to pee in about 12 states within […]

QotD: Firing

Question: Have you ever sought to have anyone fired? My Answer: Since this question is in the past tense, I can say no. But ask me again in a few months, heh. 😛 If I ever did, I know it would not be for any sort of personal reason (unless they were my employee), but […]

Nielsen Called

Nielsen Ratings called me. After asking how their call did not violate the DNC (they're not selling anything), I answered 30 minutes of questions. One of my answers included the phrases "because Tom Cruise is in it" (in reply to "What is your primary reason for not planning to see Samurai). Another was "Not every […]

Battery Leakage

Today I sat in a Target parking lot for about half an hour while my free Roadside Assistance sent a tow truck. You see, my battery leaked, and caused a short or two, and so my car didn't start. Ho hum. The tow truck driver, upon getting into his cab for the dealer, immediately launched […]

QotD: Smart Playlists

Question: How many of your playlists are smart playlists? My Answer: I use entirely smart playlists. Only when I'm making a CD will I make a "stupid" playlist. I've got smart playlists for each decade. I've got a smart playlist called "All Songs" (I can do things there that I don't want to do in […]

Condoms and AIDS in D.C.

CNN was playing in the car dealer's waiting room today (more on that later perhaps), and one of the stories was Washington, D.C.'s plan to give out condoms to the public to prevent or retard the spread of AIDS. Now I'm sorry, but that's gotta be one of the most bass ackwards types of programs […]

New Music Wednesday: Ladies!

I picked up some new music at Target today: Liz Phair's Liz Phair Nelly Furtado's Folklore Barenaked Ladies' Everything to Everyone No Doubt's The Singles 1992-2002 Michelle Branch's Hotel Paper Sheryl Crow's The Very Best of Sheryl Crow Sarah McLachlan's Afterglow So, among the list, all females (or with the word "ladies" in the name, […]

Real Pictures, Please?

You know, I might consider color-tinting my iPod if the company doing the tinting would show real images and not flaky, poor renders. If I'm going to drop $49 and permanently alter my pristine iPod, I want to know exactly how my little pal will look in the end. Exactly how it will look. The […]

Celebrity Poker

I watched Celebrity Poker on Bravo tonight (well, my TiVo got it for me). It's pretty good, and it showed me what little I know about poker. I think I've only ever seen five-card draw played, according to Eric. Texas Hold-Em and these other types of games seemed odd to me. I quickly picked up […]

QotD: Gamblin’

Question: Are you a gambling man (or woman)? My Answer: Yeah, I can be. I tend to bet small sums of money on silly things like "I bet he's five minutes late" or a small-stakes poker game. I hope to get a regular poker game going soon when a work buddy moves in to my […]

November 2003 Zeitgeist

Every month (since February) I post my site's referral search terms (not what people search for on my site). It's an interesting peek that illustrates "how people are finding me." Here's November's…

Dead Deer

I've already posted a QotD on hunting, so I won't be doing that again. Feel free to answer there if the image here stirs you to do so: Today's the first day of buck season (for rifle hunters, anyway) in PA, and my dad got a good sized 8-point buck fairly early in the morning. […]

QotD: Announcer

Question: Who is the best announcer in football? My Answer: John Madden is out. Nearly everyone on CBS is out. Chris Collinsworth knows his shit and isn't afraid to tell you when you've fucked up, so that's a plus. The Monday Night Football team (except Madden) are good. I'm going to have to go with […]