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Archive for June, 2004

QotD: Class

Question: What was your favorite class (college, HS, whatever)? My Answer: I may have to go with physics or French in high school (though organic chem was great too). In college, I enjoyed far fewer - mostly because other students rubbed out my enthusiasm. I enjoyed all of my CS classes most - funny, given […]

QotD: Kids

Question: What's the best thing about little kids? My Answer: I think the fact that you can act like a big kid around them is the best thing. Of course, there are several others, such as the rate at which they soak up information (it's fun to show people things they've never seen before, regardless […]

QotD: Jacuzzi

Question: Do you have a jacuzzi? Or ready access to one? My Answer: No and no. Does my apartment complex have a jacuzzi? I don't think so. No, just a pool. Hrm… my roommate and I once contemplated putting a jacuzzi in our dorm room. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day […]

Porn and Feminism

Jamie is looking for some comments on her porn post, and is taking a list of them to class on Monday (I think), so if you've got something to say, drop by. I'll write more about it later… more than the little I posted in a comment.

QotD: VersionTracker

Question: Do you have a VersionTracker account? My Answer: Yes. However, they've just asked me to renew and I don't believe I will be. What does it offer? I never visit MacFixIt anymore, so a bundle promotion won't lure me into their Web again either. As a developer, I haven't seen any benefits, and I […]

QotD: Father’s Day Gift

Question: What's the best Father's Day present you've given or received? My Answer: My dad is unusually difficult to buy for because, like myself, if he wants something he gets it for himself. We have been able to surprise him with a big steak dinner, or ammunition, or something like that, but those times are […]

QotD: Golf

Question: Do you play golf? My Answer: Yep. Was quite good for awhile (and at the real-life version, not the video game version), and haven't played anywhere near regularly since moving to Florida, perhaps the golf capital of the US. Hrmph. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the […]

Tedious Tiger

I just finished playing the Southern Major Championship in Tiger Woods 2004. As I lined up a 14-foot putt on the 72nd green, the announcer said "This is for the win!" Thing is, he could have said that 55 putts later. I won by 57 shots. I shot 51-52-52-52: 207 total and 77 under par. […]

At one point, we decided that it'd be cool if PulpFiction allowed users to customize the preview pane with CSS. We shoved every article into a template and created unique DIVs for everything. A few simple stylesheets were produced and we were quite pleased. Some time later, we decided that it would be even cooler […]

QotD: Miracle

Question: Did you watch the 1980 Olympics USA vs. USSR hockey game? My Answer: I was not yet two at the time. If I could find a copy of it somewhere, I would watch it today, though. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your […]