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Archive for June, 2004

New New Coke

Coke C2 is a new Coke with half the carbs and half the calories. It's also got about half the taste. Yes, I can tell the difference. It's passable when you're thirsty and not nearly as bad as diet Coke, but ick. I want my calories and carbs right along with my caffeine, darnit.


My blog is a bit less colorful today. I felt like a change. That is all. 🙂

Executive Order 12044

Executive Order 12044, intended to "Improve Government Regulations," was signed the day I was born: March 23, 1978. I know this, because I snooped around through Jimmy Carter's diary. I wonder if as many calls to government officials are not completed as were not in 1978. After all, with cell phones, who would be so […]

I've got a task for which I need a salesperson. It's a one-time thing with some small potential to go much longer, and there's potential to make a good amount of money. Interested parties should IM me at "iacas." It's a pretty lazy Saturday, so I'll be around most of the afternoon.

QotD: Regret

Question: What is your biggest regret? My Answer: I like to say that I don't have any regrets: only intelligent observations about my past. In other words, there's really nothing I regret doing if I've learned something from it. I don't really have many "big observations" either: I've lived my life fairly as I've planned. […]

Messing with the Bride

How to mess with the mom of the bride, who's handling most of the planning: The bride (my friend Crystal) was in cahoots on this one. The inside of the card reads "2 is fine." B-)

QotD: Reagan

Question: What was Reagan's greatest accomplishment? My Answer: I was young through the 80s, and even still, I remember seeing Reagan, hearing Reagan, and understanding Reagan. Titles are tossed about like fish at Pike Place, but my Erie Times said "The Great Communicator" and to a my five-year-old self, he was that indeed. You are […]

Signal to Noise

Jon Rentzsch writes about the signal to noise ratio found on blogs. He links to one of my older OneWord entries, in fact, which starts out using the one word "specific" in the sentence "I have nothing specific to say." This he considers noise. So did I, which is why I later stopped doing the […]

QotD: Special People

Question: What quote best reminds you of someone you care for, love, adore, cherish, etc.? My Answer: There are so many, but today the one topping the list is "If God made you he's in love with me" from If God Made You by Five for Fighting. You are encouraged to answer the Question of […]

Triple Crown

Scott reminded me that Florida now has an odd dominance in major sports: teams in this state hold the World Series trophy and the Stanley Cup and two years ago won Super Bowl. The only sport at which this state has not "won it all" in the past two years has been basketball, my least […]

Protected: A Crush Realized

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

QotD: Goodbyes

Question: What's the toughest goodbye you've ever had to make? My Answer: Something tells me that the one later today may win, but until that happens, I'm going to have to go with saying goodbye to France and the people I met there in 1996. Time hasn't really done much to fade the feelings I […]

QotD: AirPort Express

Question: Are you going to buy an AirPort Express? My Answer: You bet your behind, baby! I am, however, dreading the inevitable "pulling out of the receiver" that will be necessary to connect it to my speaker system in the living room. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in […]

index.rdf 404s?

What do you see when you visit A week or so ago I moved solely to index.rss and comment.rss feeds. My 404 page triggers a search, and my MovableType activity log has, since I replaced index.rdf with a very generic "Please use a different feed" stub you should see when you visit index.rdf, "index.rdf" […]

Standards and Porting

Though I admire this guy for pushing Web standards, I am annoyed by the conclusion: Apple should port Safari to Windows. How in the world would this make any sense? While iTunes makes money for Apple and provides a common ground for a multiplatform hardware product (the iPod), and while QuickTime ties into Apple's media […]