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Archive for June, 2004

Joel on Blame

Joel Spolsky has posted another "Microsoft is Stupid" missive at Many of his points are valid, and his main point is rather lucid, but one paragraph stood out for me as a Mac user and developer. The toss-aside paragraph comes in a section in which Joel talks about Microsoft's engineering efforts in getting old […]

.Mac Outage

As I write this, .Mac's email service has been out for over five hours. Lovely.

From the Cocoa-Dev mailing list. Can you help? I'm writing an app that uses NSURLConnection for getting some files (using the delegate callbacks), and sometimes, that connection just sits there and does nothing, even though the timeout should have killed it a while ago (the server is working properly). I tried to create a workaround […]

QotD: Morning Show

Question: If you were going to have a morning talk radio show, what would you call it? My Answer: My radio named would be "Charlie Wood" and I'd call my show "Morning Wood" or "Wake up with Wood." Of course, I'd have to prepare for a month so as not to laugh every time I […]

MS Anti-Virus

Microsoft Exec #1: We've got a steaming pile of shit for an OS in which thousands of holes are found each month!?! What to do? Microsoft Exec #2: Let's sell our own anti-virus software, profiting from our ineptitude! I heard a few years ago that about 1/3 of all Windows software did one of three […]


John is doing something daring indeed with Daring Fireball: asking for you to support his efforts. Even though I was given a key awhile ago (I purposely changed some details and flipped them around so as not to give any hints away), today I bought the t-shirt. The color grey, it's just so hot! 🙂 […]

Giles Turnbull says some nice things about PulpFiction in a little ditty calledRSS: The Next Generation: At $25*, this is a good-value application that offers many new features for RSS. Treating feeds like email makes a lot of sense, especially for newcomers to the concept. Giles talks about how he doesn't save articles very frequently, […]

Is this irony or just complete stupidity? I'm willing to listen, up to a point, but unless your site is hosted on, I don't understand why you're hogging the microphone right now. The ironic part being, of course, that Dave took the microphone away from people whose site was hosted on The only […]

Today I implemented a download survey on FSS. While a user waits for their download, they can answer three or four questions. Users who completely fill out the survey get a one-time coupon for 20% off an order of $15 or more - a way to say thank you and, to be completely honest, to […]

QotD: Love

Question: If you were forbidden from using the word "love" and its close synonyms (amour, "really like", etc.) to describe that feeling, which word would you choose? My Answer: Cherish comes close. Comfort. I think I'm actually going to go with appreciation, and not in the way you appreciate a nice steak or a piece […]

QotD: Stealing

Question: Is stealing always stealing? My Answer: No, and it's one of the blurrier lines a software developer, designer, and author probably have to walk. PulpFiction works a lot like Mail, and we borrowed some of the UI, but we didn't steal it: we implemented all of our own features and wrote all of our […]

Two quick announcements today. First, Freshly Squeezed Software now has an RSS feed. I'm editing it by hand for now because I'm unaware of a straight old RSS-creation app. Subscribe to it and stay up to date with FSS news. Second, FTPeel 1.1.4 is now available. A free upgrade of course, version 1.1.4 fixes a […]

Are you good with Cocoa, Networking, and AppleScript? We may have a position available for you within FSS. Details to follow, but those who are interested may IM ("iacas") or email (IM if you could eh?). We may be looking for about 20-40 hours/month, primarily of development time but occasionally answering support emails about one […]

QotD: Kids

Question: Kids: take 'em or leave 'em? My Answer: I'd like to have one or two, but I'm never sure how anyone decides that they're financially secure enough to actually decide to have a child. Perhaps I like to do too many things, and like to move around in my jobs quite a bit, but […]

QotD: Summer

Question: What are you most looking forward to doing this summer? My Answer: I live in Florida, so is it OK if I say "staying inside where it's air conditioned?" Ugh. I'm looking forward to doing what I'm doing and having fun. I'll work on my tan just fine when I finally get out fishing […]