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Archive for June, 2004

I've previously hinted that PulpFiction 1.0.1 would be available soon. In our efforts to massively improve the speed, fix some bugs, and add some nifty features, we've hit a few snags - things that take a little longer than we imagined - and are so bound by our perfectionism that we can't officially release 1.0.1 […]

QotD: Spirituality

Question: What is the single most important lesson that any religion teaches us? My Answer: That there is something bigger than us. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

Coke Be Gone

I am quitting Coca Cola cold turkey. I've read enough bad stuff lately about diabetes and cancer (and artificial sweeteners) that I've decided that, though not quite as serious and not nearly as harmful to people nearby, my excessive consumption of Coke is like smoking. I have a 2L in my fridge that I have […]

QotD: Unsubscribe

Question: What reasons do you have for unsubscribing from a blog? My Answer: 1. Boredom - the content is not interesting. 2. Lack of time - it's precious. 3. Similar to other sites - see reason #2. 4. Slow update frequency - no sense keeping them around… 5. Changed interests - I'm no longer interested […]

Targets, Beware

I visited the Delray Shooting Center today to look at handguns. I had a price range in mind: $400-$700, and I knew what I liked: a grip-heavy black or silver non-composite name brand 9mm. I ended up going with the CZ 75 B. The shop owner kept calling it a Beretta, though I'm not certain […]

QotD: Stem Cell Research

Question: What is and how do you feel about stem cell research? My Answer: I'm not sure what it is exactly, which is part of the reason I'm asking the question. My current understanding (due to change in the next 30 minutes, no doubt) is that stem cell research involves the use of undifferentiated cells […]

FSS Affiliates

If you're interested in being an affiliate of Freshly Squeezed Software, please IM me (and introduce yourself). Affiliates can offer our products for sale on their site and get a cut (5-10%) of the sale. Currently I've set up Booklet, iWipe, iChem, and Rock Star as being available for affiliates. I'll add our other products […]


If you wish to get a sneak peek at what we're finishing up for release by Friday (tentatively), you can download this file: I've posted the changelog in the extended entry. Two things of imporance: Back up your database file. Submit any remaining bugs via email (erik @ the domain above) or via IM […]

QotD: Chats

Question: How many chats can you handle at one time? My Answer: Ten or so, but any more than six and some of them are probably being neglected. If the girl calls, then that number quickly drops to zero. I consider email to be worth two chats in and of itself, so if I'm doing […]

Today for Father's Day I used Remote Desktop to tap into my parents' computer. I built a quick, simple web page for my dad and left it open for him in Safari. Of course, my mother gave him the presents I'd bought a few weeks ago, and I called later in the day. Remote Desktop […]

QotD: Good Boy Names

Question: What are good names for a boy? My Answer: I like the name Reece. I like the names Aidan Reece, too. I like names that a) can't be abbreviated or shortened (nicknames), b) are somewhat unique (i.e. no "Doug"s), c) don't bring up bad memories of people I've known (impossible for you to know […]


It's interesting how you can be so destroyed and yet so built up again by one person. It's amazing the power your own imagination can have, and what distance can do to two people. The seed of doubt, a joke taken the wrong way, and a random comment here or there can burn down a […]

QotD: Phone

Question: What's the longest phone conversation you've ever had? My Answer: Eight hours, and it was fairly recently. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

QotD: Masturbation

Question: Is "masturbate" a dirty word? My Answer: Fucking cunt no. It's perfectly legitimate. By the way, yes, this post and the one previous are meant to make a point. As soon as I figure out what that point may be I'll let you know. 🙂 You are encouraged to answer the Question of the […]

My Country Tis of Thee

While discussing the difference between "people" and "the software they write" (right along with the shitty dialogue in Star Wars and creepy fans): me: I wonder how many customers Adobe would lose if they found out that John Warnock liked to sing yankee doodle dandy while masturbating in the morning? me: probably 0 from any […]