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Archive for October, 2004

QotD: Farting

Question: How long should you wait before farting in front of a new boyfriend or girlfriend. My Answer: Forever. Carey seems to think that it's two weeks, however. 😀 (Edit forced by the one previously named: "We've been talking for six months, you butt!") You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for […]

QotD: Halloween Costumes

Question: If you had to create a unique halloween costume, what would you design? My Answer: I'd design a woman's halloween costume with a policeman's cap, a stethoscope, a blue blazer, a pleated skirt, fishnet stockings, and sneakers. The title of the costume would be "Every Man's Fantasy" - a woman cop, a nurse, a […]

Harbor Ridge Golf Club

Today I snuck away for about three hours (including driving time) to play Harbor Ridge Golf Club in Harborcreek, PA. It was about 50° and overcast, but there was no rain. The course was soggy but quite playable, and the greens, despite the moisture, were still putting at about 10 on the ol' stimp. Only […]

Software Gnomes

We've never gotten an email like this: Hello, today I discoverd your crappy software on my machine. I just wanted you to know that you have a f----d up piece of s--t for a product. I plan to forward your company information to the proper authorities since you think it is OK to install it […]

QotD: Execution

Question: If you were to be executed tomorrow, by what method would you opt to go? My Answer: Well, electrocution and hanging are out. So is burning at the stake. Lethal injections and firing squads are pretty quick and painless, but hey, how about I just have Carey screw me to death? I'm not sure […]

Six Months

So it's now been six months that I've been with Carey. Really, it's been six months that we've been talking again. I've moved back to PA, I've fallen in love (5.99 months ago), and I've shaken up my life to be with her, and she with me. We spent last evening together, and details aside, […]


I'm working on my Blacklist today. Lowering the URL limit to 3 has seemed to have some good effects, and so I am leaving that alone. Right now I'm replacing some blacklist strings: replacing four or five "health-insurance-from-us" type domains with the URLPattern "\binsurance\b," and adding some patterns like "\bsex\b" and "\blipitor\b". I have a […]


Eric has a good point: Except that this isn't the top -- it just feels like it. The Sox have to win the World Series to eradicate the Curse. And wouldn't it be fascinating if they did so against the Houston Astros? That would be a Texas-Massachusetts Series, just a few days before we're deciding […]

QotD: View

Question: If you could have any view from your home, what would it be? My Answer: I'd overlook the ocean from the front of my house, and a good golf course from the rear. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

Boston Wins

Okay, so I got the Boston bit wrong. I think the World Series will be close, but I always root for the National League, as my Pirates are a member. I always root for the AFC in the Super Bowl, too, yes.

QotD: Comment Spam

Question: I've recently set the URL limit for comments here, via MT-Blacklist, to three. You can post three URLs but no more than that in a comment or it is moderated. If you are using MT-B, or if you could set a limit, what would you choose? My Answer: I've chosen three. Prior to that, […]

West Wing Changes

In my opinion, West Wing has tanked just a bit since Sorkin left. The writers ended the "Zoe Kidnapped" thing poorly, bluntly saying "oh, we found her" and leaving Goodman completely out of the mix. The best moment last year was Josh's reinstatement as a key guy with the suggestion that the President first walk […]

Spam Burning in Hell

A comment left on the RSS Roundtable discussion says this (edited slightly for appearance only): "MailDrop - Advanced Personal Mass Email - Send personal email to thousands! Manage your holiday cards, clients, or friends in mailings. HTML or plain text. Attachments." I hope Erik J. Barzeski burns in hell. The only thing worse than a […]

We're working with a designer (more details [credit] on who and whatnot after we're done) on icons for MailDrop 2.0, and we're having a bit of trouble finding "import" and "export" icons that we like. The body of the arrow is easily hidden by the front recipient on export, and that bothers me. I posit […]


I love how Boston is teasing its fans into thinking it can do something no other team in baseball has ever done, by coming back from 3-0 down to win a series. It's just a tease. It's such heartache. Heck, I hope they win game six, then get creamed in game seven. Boston fans are […]