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Archive for January, 2005

Interview with a Spammenter

I found this interview interesting. It reminded me to check my logs. Apparently I'm doing pretty well for myself with MT-Blacklist. In the past 30 days, I've had some 25,000 spamments blocked. I've had to manually delete only 7 spamments. My blacklist makes liberal use of URL Patterns like "\bdebt\b" and "\bhold-em\b" and it's been […]

QotD: New PowerBooks

Question: What do you think of the new PowerBooks? My Answer: Great. The trackpad bit is nice. The Sudden Motion thing is nice. Anyone thinking these would be G5s was simply out of their gourd. Bluetooth 2.0? Who'da thunk it? Built-in wireless is a good thing. And 17 inches for $2699? When these things were […]

QotD: Free Time

Question: On average, how much "free time" do you have in an average day? Free time is defined as time with no obligations to work, significant others, or friends, and unless we're talking about luxurious baths, it doesn't include time for showering, bathing, dressing, cleaning, etc. My Answer: About 30 minutes. Startling. You are encouraged […]

RSS for vBulletin

One of the things I wanted in the redesign of The Sand Trap was to further promote the golf forum. One of the ways in which this was done was with a small image at the top and some bolder, colored text. I also wanted to put "Hot Forum Topics" in the sidebar. vBulletin offers […]

Windows Design Issue

If anyone with some CSS skills and access to a PC would like a free copy of Rock Star, iWipe, and Booklet (or any other single FSS product), I have a challenge. Have a look at On the Mac, with the font one cmd-+ larger than I'd normally view the page, the menu looks […]

The Sand Trap Re-Design

Looks like it took me two to get out of the bunker. I wasn't happy with the first design at The Sand Trap, so it was re-designed. Now if only the darn site could move up in Google's and Yahoo's rankings a little. Previous entries from this blog show up ahead of that one. Oh […]

QotD: Romantical

Question: When was the last time you were romantic? What did you do? My Answer: I'm posting this question not because I have something in mind, but because I'm spurring myself on. It's been too long for me. So, I'm backing out of my own question, yes, but I'll gladly hear your answers. 🙂 You […]

It just occurred to me today that 50% of the original staff of Cocoa Dev Central (Me, Jeff, Jason, Andy, Brad, Brian) worked or works for Apple. Andy's in Austria and hasn't applied, Brad is enjoying his role in life and hasn't applied, and Brian is quite young still (and has not applied). Nifty!

QotD: Pages

Question: What do you like most about Pages? Dislike most? My Answer: It seems to export its styles in a format Word can understand. We may just be able to use it for the book after all. I wish the styles sidebar had a way of hiding unused styles. Keep them available for when I […]

Cursing the Pages Cursor

Pages needs to not put the damn cursor in a new spot when I click on a document window from another application. Just leave it where it is, dammit. In the past five minutes, I've begun typing in the wrong place about ten times because I'm switching between Interface Builder and Pages. I realize I […]


Question: What is the biggest limitation of the Model-View-Controller paradigm? My Answer: I just wanted to use the word "paradigm." 🙂 No, not really. The largest issue I have with it is that it's somewhat complicated by some classes in Cocoa, and sometimes it just feels so easy to do something "M" in the "V" […]

QotD: Downloading

Question: Ignoring things that are cached, how much do you download in an average day? My Answer: Counting email (mainly the attachments), around 125 MB. Most of my downloading is done via Safari or FTPeel, of course, and there's an occasional odd day where I download a Tiger seed or something (what, 3.2 GB or […]

The Terminal and the Shift Key?

So it turns out that the problem I was having with the shift key in 10.3.6 are actually tied to, of all things, Terminal! Yes, with Terminal running, the shift key in Photoshop doesn't work properly. Nor does non-proportional resizing in QuickTime Player. I have absolutely no idea why this is the case, but it […]

Are you a college student? If so, Freshly Squeezed Software may have some work for you. Over the next five months, we would like to hire a college student to craft and sell an FSS product. College students will have the support of our entire library of code, our help, our promotion, etc. Pay will […]

Here's an email I sent to the makers of Business Plan Pro: I have Business Plan Pro on a relatively inexpensive PC running Windows XP Home. I have a Mac with the latest version of Office. The Mac is my primary machine. I would like to export from Business Plan Pro to Microsoft Word format, […]