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Archive for May, 2005


Woohoo, Taboo! This not only fixes the issue of closing Safari windows with tabs open, but it also fixes the issue of that stupid, annoying warning.

QotD: SAT or ACT?

Question: Did you take the SAT or the ACT? Why? My Answer: I took both. Most schools east of the Mississippi River seem to like the SAT, but the school I ended up going to liked the ACT, and I'd heard they scored better for math/science people anyway. You are encouraged to answer the Question […]

QotD: Today

Question: What day is today? How long did it take you to think of it, and what made you sure you knew the day? My Answer: Wednesday, about two seconds, and I knew it was Wednesday because I played in my golf league yesterday. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for […]

Anyone who knows me and needs my new cell phone number, please AIM or email me. The area code is 814, and I'm testing this one out to see how the coverage is in my area with the new service provider, Cellular One. The phone is a Motorola V555. I guess a slightly cheaper version […]

Is it too much to ask that I be given the article title (local and/or remote) instead of the ID? Heck if I know which entry 686 is without looking, and sometimes you can't look because it's hidden underneath the sheet.

Screw Cingular

Screw Cingular. They did it again. Despite promises that for this last month, they would bump me up as necessary to a higher plan. $350 later, I'm calling bullshit on them. If Cingular can't offer me an awesome deal, I'm basically going to be cell-phone-less. I may even have to use Cellular One of all […]

Question: What do you want to see from a big company blog? My Answer: I may be doing some consulting work for a company soon, and while I've brainstormed quite a few ideas, I'm looking for some more. The company for whom I may be consulting is, in a lot of ways, like Apple Computer. […]

Hey look, it's something Apple should have done itself: Widget Manager! Mac OS X 10.4's widget management process is, in a poor word, "bad." Widgets are automatically installed in ~/Library/Widgets (if you've allowed Safari to do so), but you have to quit the Dock or double-click the widget to get the widget to appear. Want […]

Yesterday I wrote about how I was considering the BlackBerry 7100 and the Treo 600. I'm no longer considering them, and with that, T-Mobile has pretty much left my list of desired cell phone carriers. That leaves Cingular, which has absolutely no presence in Erie, PA and Verizon, which has shitty phones and with whom […]

Marriage License

Carey and I are going to apply for our marriage license later today. Whoopty doo! We've successfully managed to make getting married the least exciting thing we may do this week. no pomp, no circumstance (well, not in the "pomp and circumstance" sort of way) - just paperwork. Joy of joys! 😀

Carey and I are looking to move from our separate cell phone plans (Cingular for me, Cellular One for her) to a T-Mobile plan. The only other carriers in our region are Cellular One (very small) and Verizon Wireless, and I'll never use Verizon again if I can help it. So, T-Mobile it is.

QotD: AppleJack

Question: Has anyone used AppleJack? If so, what do you think? If not, had you heard of it before? My Answer: I'm curious what others think. It looks nice! You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

Interland Down for Hours

Interland - and all of the sites on it, including all of mine - was down for about six hours today. Lovely, really. Just lovely. They're back now, but suffice to say I'm not too happy that it was down so long. I still can't get email at The Sand Trap. And that's that.

Bah to Tiger’s Dictionary

Not Bah: Dictionary Look-Ups From BBEdit, Mailsmith, and TextWrangler. Bah:

QotD: Mom

Question: What did you do for your mom today? My Answer: Nothing. Absolutely nuttin'! I am taking her to a nice dinner this week, though. Just not today, right now. Her birthday is mixed in there too. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your […]