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Archive for January, 2006

I’m With Stupid

There are, from what I can tell, a few different ways the old "I'm With Stupid" shirt can be revived. I've only ever seen one "in the wild." Can you guess which one? Arrow pointing up. A guy's shirt, arrow pointing down. A maternity shirt, arrow pointing at belly. I've left out a t-shirt made […]

Huh? From comes this: I had the oil changed in my car over the weekend. As the guy was explaining the services they performed, checking the wipers, etc, he said "Normally we check the tire inflation but noticed that you had green valve caps. They're filled with nitrogen and since nitrogen doesn't leak out […]

We Dey

The Bengals suddenly morphed into the Bungles once again. Their division crown was won through the second rung (better division record) as the 11-5 Steelers came back from a first-half deficit (something they've yet to do this year) to win convincingly, 31-17. Ben Roethlisberger, he of the 63-or-so QB rating in two playoff games last […]

From this article comes a list of 10 things Owen Linzmayer hates about Mac OS X. My summary: Dock Items Bounce Indefinitely: So turn it off. Programs Force Themselves to the Forefront: Very, very rarely. Trashed Items Can't Be Opened: This happens to me too, but if the dang thing is in the trash why […]

Lately, I've had the need to lay out a lot of stuff in OmniGraffle lately. You know what would be nice? A "Conversion Scale." In other words, I'd draw a block and say "for the purpose of this document, this rectangle is 10 feet wide. Then I could enter sizes for things (chairs, tables, etc.) […]

Predicting Macworld Jokes

Some people don't read articles very closely. Hint: it was a joke. Then again, some of the people commenting on the article don't even think it's a joke.

Fat Man Dancin’

This is funny. Now of course I need to type a lot more so that text doesn't wrap funny on this entry. Or I could just separate every sentence as a separate line. Then I can talk about nothing and still use up a lot of vertical space. See? I did it.

Series 3 TiVo

I've considered moving away from TiVo for a long time now largely because, supposedly, DirecTV isn't going to work terribly closely with them after this year (2K6) and because HD support is expensive and/or lacking with the TiVo/DirecTV combo. The alternatives, however, leave a lot to be desired. Most, for example, can't record two channels […]

Some renovation pictures ( through 04) are up. They're building a girder truss today and will pick up on Monday and work, as I understand it, most of the next two weeks to finish things out. Then, our flooring goes down, and then we paint and trim out the room. The table is delivered end […]

Calculating Your Body Surface Area

From a picture I took when I visited the plastic surgeon yesterday to have my stitches removed:

Speed Up Podcasts

This is a nifty tip. It works as advertised as well, without changing pitch. Ah, AppleScript. 🙂

QotD: iWeb

Question: What is 'iWeb?' My Answer: I don't know. Or at least that's my official response. If I were to guess and have some fun with it, I'd suggest that it's a tool that ties into .Mac and iTunes and Safari and iPhoto and iMovie. iDVD, sadly, will not have much to do with it. […]

The Island

Carey and I watched The Island last night. Well, I did, and Carey fell asleep as usual. It was her NetFlix movie, too! I liked the movie. It had a deeper edge to it than I was expecting, with a few subtle layers. The plot was rather simple, and some of the characters weren't fully […]

Okay, so I don't completely suck at pool. I played reasonably well today and nearly broke and ran a rack of nine balls, which is quite an accomplishment considering I sometimes have trouble making a single ball. I changed my stance a little to a more open position and that has eliminated a lot of […]

For my own sake… Outer rail dimensions: 61" x 111" Outside of leg dimensions: 49" x 98" Incidentally, if you visit Olhausen's site and build your own table, you can enter the Table ID "01C-401-4D001-000-13U" to see the table I chose. The cloth is going to be Simonis 860 in approximately the same color. Otherwise, […]