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Archive for January, 2006

QotD: Super Bowl XL

Question: Who will win Super Bowl XL? My Answer: Duh. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

Podcast Volume

Today I used GarageBand to produce episode 10 of the Golf Talk Podcast over at The Sand Trap. My routine is as follows: Use Audio Hijack Pro and Skype to record audio. Reduce noise and pops/clicks in Soundtrack Pro (STP). Remove silence, bad jokes, "uhms" and "wells" and other crap in STP. Add in commercials, […]

Black Dry Erase Board Solution

I may have come up with a solution to my black dry-erase board dilemma. I bought two 18" x 24" pieces of clear plexiglass today (two in case I mess one up). I found some 8/32" two-way screws, which is the right size for standard cabinet door pulls. So, I'll put the screws 16" apart […]

Erie Real Estate in 2005

5667 properties were bought and sold in Erie in 2005 for a total of $628,407,507. Carey and I bought a house in May. Though we account for only 0.0176% of the properties purchased, we account for 0.0306% of the cost of those properties. Average property price: $110,888.92. So, we paid roughly 75% more than the […]

Roz Ho at 1:12

Roz Ho comes on to the Macworld Expo keynote stage at about 1:12 (hours:minutes) in, and man is she the opposite of Steve or what? Holy cow. She's… just… bad!


Apparently I should talk about mesothelioma, mesothelioma attorneys and lawyers, and asbestos a lot more frequently. Why? They pay well. Seriously? I guess so.

HD Camcorders Under $1600

Steve was right: Sony's consumer HD camera is under $1600. In fact, it's under $1500. Pretty amazing.

iTunes ‘Spyware’ No More

Not that it ever was, but not it certainly isn't.

Try Something For Me

Oh, never mind!

Title Analyzer

If you're writing a book, you can predict how well it will sell based on the title alone at Lulu Titlescorer. FWIW, a book named "Erik Knows All" has only a 14.6% chance of being a best-seller.

iPhoto 6 and Abandoned Folders

I've removed the following folders from my iPhoto '06 folder (~/Library/Pictures/iPhoto\ Library) and it seems to work just fine: 2002/ 2003/ 2004/ 2005/ 2006/ Library.cache Library.iPhoto Nearly all of the year folders had nothing in them except a few Data folders filled with things like "795" and "795.attr." I deleted those. The other […]

GMAC: Suck My Left Nut

My Aztek was financed through GMAC. On December 19, I called to inquire about the payoff on the account and was told $4990.28. The due date was December 23, and after that date, the loan would get interest at about $2/day. I received this quote while speaking with someone, and so I then asked what […]

Every time I launch Safari - whether it's after a crash or after a restart or after me quitting Safari manually - the "Enable plug-ins" option in the "Security" preferences is disabled. I have Saft installed, but none of its settings seem to be affecting this issue. I can check the box and Safari works […]

QotD: Impeach Bush

Question: Should Bush be impeached? My Answer: Judi thinks so. With a little bit of persuasion, I might say yes, too. My hesitance to give an answer is only due to the fact that I've not followed politics much if at all since the last election. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the […]

QotD: iLife ’06 Packaging

Question: Do you like the iLife '06 packaging? My Answer: Most do not here. I like the size and shape of the new packaging, but I neither like nor dislike the packaging compared to last year's. Last year's left too much to the unknown, but was creative and cool. This year has a nice theme, […]