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Archive for March, 2006 – For Sale?

I just got a call from a woman who is interested in buying (on behalf of an unnamed company) "" I got a few years ago when it became available because "iacas" has been my screen name for over a decade on just about every system out there (AOL, forums, etc.). I bought "" […]

Professional Flame Wars

I'm involved today in a bit of a professional flame war. Rather, I'm being baited, but have thus far (and will continue to) resisted the wiggling worm with the buried hooks. A blogger who disagrees with my opinion (and, the overwhelming majority of the time, the facts) on a certain topic essentially accused me of […]

Ever since I got my Cellular One phone number on May 11 of last year, nobody has been unable to send text messages to my phone via AIM. I could do so (and did so) frequently when I was using Cingular, but Cellular One regarded AIM messages as spam and thus rejected them. I've tried […]

It's true! After all, I read it on the Web!

QotD: Front Row

Question: Have you hacked or installed Front Row on your computer? Do you wish Apple would allow it installation on all computers? My Answer: I have, though that was Front Row 1.0.1. I don't want to install 1.2.1 (directions here) because it disables your menu bar, and the work-around, though simple, is too much of […]

Errrr, Three Years Per Mouse

I last bought a new mouse almost two three years ago to the day: March 1, 2003. Less than a week later I wrote about it again, saying that I "adored" it. Well quite recently the left click on the old Logitech MX-700 that I had started to act up. It often would not remain […]

Final Cut Studio Upgrade

Wow. Seems I can upgrade from Final Cut Pro 4 and Soundtrack Pro to Final Cut Studio (which includes Final Cut Pro 5, Motion 2, and DVD Studio Pro as new products for me) for only $199. I think I may just have to do that! I can find $199 somewhere around the house, and […]

QotD: Childish Personality

Question: How would you describe your personality as a child? Does it mirror the way you've grown up? My Answer: According to my parents, I was a good kid… until my sister showed up, and their blatant favoritism and cynicism turned me against the world. 🙂 Joking… I was good until she showed up, butt […]

TypeIt4Me Versus Textpander

Ecto and TypeIt4Me haven't always gotten along. In fact, every crash ecto ever has is related to TypeIt4Me, though I can't figure out why. I went to MacUpdate today to get an update for TypeIt4Me (I had 2.2.2, 2.3 has been out for awhile) to see if it solved some problems and saw that others […]