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Archive for March, 2006

When we had the whole "Freedom Fries" bullshit, I remained neutral. I'd been to France, after all, and I speak French. I wouldn't say I like French people, but I really had nothing against them. Plus, Sophie Marceau is French… But the whole iTunes thing is summed up nicely by John Gruber in his linked […]

It's true! Hell in a handbasket, folks. Hell in a handbasket.

Free Weimaraner

Does anyone want a 4-year-old, well-behaved, house-trained, quiet, obedient male Weimaraner in great health? He's free and comes with a whole bunch of accessories - beds, leashes, and even a 7.5' x 7.5' outdoor fence. Update: He's found a happy home. Thanks.

I'm attending the launch of a new product in early April. The launch will be held on a golf course, and some golf pros and some PR types will be around for interviews. I'd like to incorporate some of the audio from the event into The Sand Trap's podcast, and as such, I'm looking for […]

Get Yer Own Damn Police

Yeah, Harborcreek: The buzz coming out of Harrisburg continues to be about House Bill 2454, the State Police Services Bill. As written, it would impose a fee of $100 per resident in municipalities of over 9,000 people without their own police force for pay for state police services. Harborcreek and Fairview Townships would be affected. […]

My Montessori Visit

Today I visited the Montessori school (pre-school/kindergarten) that the kiddo will likely attend next year. I was very impressed. The room was abuzz with largely self-directed activity. The room had 3-, 4-, and 5-year-olds in it and some of them were counting to 99 by threes, others were learning to pour into funnels and test […]

Confused Calculator

Since when does 2993 - 233 = 3000? Since 10.4.5's calculator introduces a small bug when you change the precision to 1. Or change it to 2 and try 2006-1 (you get 2000). Found at BTW, bonus tip regarding calculations: alias uni scale=4; !:1'`units !:2 !:3` | awk '{print $1, $2, $3}' | bc […]

QotD: Spring Cleaning?

Question: What are your spring cleaning projects? My Answer: The basement and the garage need some definite attention! You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

I Golfed Today!

I played golf today at my country club. They had temporary greens (duh), but I was surprised how little snow there was laying around. Usually that course holds snow longer than just about anywhere else in Erie county. At any rate, I played to the temporary pins. Course played just about as long as usual […]

MooFX JavaScript Library

Just bookmarking this for my own sake: moo.fx JavaScript Library.

Erie Winter 2K6

What kind of screwy winter is this? I think we've had all of four or five days total with 6" or more snow sitting on the ground. We had a stretch of rainy 60° days in December and it's 60° outside right now. It's been one of the weakest, mildest, lamest, easiest winters I can […]

Last night was the fifth (or sixth, or fourth, or who knows?) weekly pool night at the recently opened "Barzeski Billiards." Brandon and Ben came over at around 6. Brandon left early, but Ben and I hung around and played until 3am or so. The pool table has settled just a bit - or wasn't […]

Windows = Productivity?

Since when? Emphasis added, but the quote comes right from this page: Of course, Windows Vista is still Windows, and that means you can be far more productive with Vista than is possible with OS X, especially if you're a heavy keyboard user like me. Virtually all of the familiar Windows keyboard shortcuts work just […]

iTunes Multi-Pass

Yes, the first thing I thought of was the Fifth Element. Unfortunately, "multipass!" is Milla Jovovich's line, not Chris Tucker's. That's not all Ken Fisher gets wrong in his take on iTunes' new payment option. Specifically, the Multi-Pass is not a subscription, but simply a discount for volume purchases. Subscriptions end. Your rights to items […]

QotD: Sudoku?

Question: Do you Sudoku? My Answer: Nah. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.