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Archive for March, 2006


Anyone have a spare $722,534 * 1.06 (sales tax)? C'mon, that's less than a million dollars, surely someone has it. Why? Duh. What does $800k buy you? 806 horsepower, seating for two, a rotary telephone for a dashboard, and side doors that won't allow you to park within two feet of a curb.

Personal iPod Volume

Apparently, this results in this.

Flint Update

Flint was coming back. Then he wasn't. Now he's not for at least another few days. He seems to have found a good family with 15 acres of land and three kids. He's good with kids, and actually likes being tortured. It should work nicely for him. Fingers are crossed.

Had a pool lesson today. Must work on keeping arm hanging straight down from elbow. It's partly wrist angle, partly other things. I'm looking forward to kicking Brandon and Ben's butts tomorrow night, though, I can assure you of that.

Spring Washing

It's funny how Erie-ites can be when it reaches a balmy 45°. I would have been quite comfortable walking around outside in shorts. As it was, I just swept out the garage and washed my car. Kiddo and Carey helped wash Carey's car. It's also somewhat funny how "fun" washing a car can be when […]

Eating Out

I guess you eat out a lot when you tell your three-year-old that you're going home, then ask her what she'd like to eat, and she replied "let's see what they have." 😛

Mac OS X Turns Five Today

Mac OS X is five years old today. I've been using Mac OS X since Developer Preview 2. In fact, I can further refine that: I've been using Mac OS X as my primary OS since DP2. Things in the early days were far from easy, but I've had very few problems since 10.0. All […]

I'm watching The Smartest Guys in the Room right now in the background as I do work. Someone just said they felt as though they had no life and that they were being consumed by the company (Enron). I had a quick flash to The Matrix and how the storyline there - people feeding the […]

Paintball Resources Online?

I feel weird posting anything else today after my last post… but what's the point of having your organs if you aren't really using 'em? I'm considering getting into paintball. It seems like something I can do not only during the summer but during the winter, too. I'm pretty new to it all, so I'm […]

My 28th

I turn 28 today (technically at 9:34pm or something, I think), and true to adult form it really doesn't mean a whole lot to me. It's also my father-in-law's birthday (Carey took the "marry someone like your dad" thing a bit too far), so happy birthday to him. That aside, I wish to celebrate life […]

Restaurants I Wish Erie Had

Every once in awhile, I wish I had ready access to one of these restaurants: IHOP (guilty pleasure food [greasy, good], and lots of late-night conversations with pals in FL) Denny's (for slightly different reasons than IHOP, more about me being a fan of breakfast food) Lindburger's (near-gourmet burgers, great fries, all for $6.99 or […]


Pardon me for thinking so, but $19.95 for A Better Finder Rename (or even $9.95 for the upgrade and $24.95 for the "forever" license) is a bit more than I'm willing to pay for a tool I need to use, at most, about once a month. But isn't there some sort of CLI tool that […]

Randum Films

A blog pal of mine, Etan Kerner, is announcing today the launch of "," an "interactive, wiki-based Internet theatre." For the time being, Etan and his partners are "hoping to build community so we can support ourselves via google ads." This looks, at least, to be a good alternative to some of the other hosts […]

XP on an Intel iMac

I expected one of the characters in the last frame of this comic to say "Now what?"

QotD: Taxes Done Yet?

Question: Have you done your 2005 taxes yet? My Answer: Carey and I visited our tax lady earlier today. We also have a plan in place for this year (which largely involves Carey setting aside a large chunk of her paycheck each week) to cover our (read: my) 2006 taxes. You are encouraged to answer […]