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Archive for April, 2006

2006 Steelers Schedule

The 2006 Steelers schedule is out. The Steelers start the season early, as is (recent) tradition, with what will be a tough game against the Dolphins. Then we have 11 days off. The schedule has lots of late games this year, and one thing that will suck: Dec 3 - Dec 7 shows two games. […]

GMail Needs a Progress Bar

I wish gmail had a progress bar. I'm sending a 160 MB .zip file to someone and I have no idea how much longer I have to wait.

Spotlight Misses Files

I'm not sure why, but Spotlight misses files all the time. Today I tried to search for a file called "" by typing in "" into a "Find" window in the Finder. Two copies at "" from my backup disk appeared, but none from my startup disk. I looked on my startup disk and, yes, […]

Not So Virtual PC

I still think a virtual PC - one that lets you switch back and forth and share data amongst two operating systems - is the best way to go. But for now, Apple lets you install and boot Windows XP on your Mac with Boot Camp. BTW, what happens if a nasty virus on the […]

MovableType Updates

Is MovableType 3.5 coming? 3.3? How about even 3.2.1?


I spent the past few days in Georgia at a TaylorMade ball launch event. It was fun - I met Sergio Garcia and Justin Rose, played a little (six holes) of golf, got some free food… a worthwhile trip. The entire D concourse of the Atlanta airport was without power, for some reason, on my […]

QotD: Flying Ear

Question: How do you avoid having your ears "plug" when flying? My Answer: I've heard that you can blow through your nose while holding it shut. While that works, I'm afraid of literally blowing out my ear, so i don't do that. Chewing gum and yawning don't seem to work very well. Why hasn't someone […]

Best April Fool’s Jokes 2K6

I've only seen bad jokes so far, one of which involved Duke Nukem Forever. If I had a groan smiley, I'd have used it there. At any rate, I encourage you to post links to your favorite Internet April Fool's Jokes 2K6 in the comments. Update (2:40pm): I've yet to see a single funny joke.

Hidden iPod Commands

Hidden iPod commands can be found here. It's handy. And that's that.