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Archive for April, 2006

Click this link and iTunes should show you a free episode of The Apprentice. Add it to your cart and the price mysteriously becomes $1.99. What's up with that? Is it free or not?

Erie Golf Club

I played Erie Golf Club, errr, excuse me - "the recently renovated Erie Golf Club" - yesterday. Despite the Sunday paper's glowing description of the new clubhouse and the revised, improved, "new" holes, the course is still a dog track. I'm firmly of the opinion that Downing is a pretty darn nice course, especially for […]

55 MPH

If there's one thing that infuriates me on the way home from golf, it's the fact that, from PSU/Behrend to 79, the speed limit on I-90 is 55 MPH. Never mind that it's 2½ miles less going east (it ends at Parade Street, not the PSU/Behrend exit), but simply the fact that 55 MPH is […]


Michael Tsai points out the existence of ProFontX. Happy Easter to me! I've long struggled with either Monaco (10 point, typically) or the old ProFont in a few applications. In the Terminal, I was using MPW or Anonymous. In Entourage, ProFont (where things like "l/" would literally disappear from the screen). In Ecto, I just […]

4-Way Light Switch

I have two lights in my upstairs hallway. They're controlled by a switch downstairs, a switch outside the master bedroom, and a switch outside a second bedroom. The switch outside the second bedroom (office) got "stuck" lately, so we bought a four-way switch to replace it. The old one says "4-way switch" on it, so […]

Judi noticed that Akismet for MovableType is now available. The plugin has received good reviews from WordPress users, so I'm giving it a shot here at NSLog();. We'll see how things go here first before I deploy the plugin at The Sand Trap.

QotD: Taxes All Done?

Question: Are your taxes all done or have you filed for an extension? My Answer: Carey and I are done. Whew. April 15 (tomorrow) falls on a Saturday, so the tax lady told us we had until Monday (the 17th) to send in our taxes. That doesn't make a lot of sense to me - […]


Question: Do you like getting cards? My Answer: My wife feels that cards are not of much value. Easter cards, birthday cards, etc. She derives no joy from cards at all and thinks that they are a waste of money. I tend to agree, though I also think that if you buy inexpensive cards, it's […]

QotD: Update Procedure

Question: What is your (Mac OS X) software update procedure? My Answer: I download the software update. I let it install. Sometimes I put off rebooting for a day if I'm doing a lot of work. Eventually, I click "restart" and let it restart. That's it. This question came about as a result of the […]

Remote Desktop 3.0

Well, Remote Desktop 3.0 is out and some people are happy. Every time I hear about Remote Desktop and look at the $299 price tag, I simply wish Apple offered a one-user home version for $29.99 or something. That way, from downstairs on my PowerBook, I could do things like check Entourage, Adium, or some […]

QotD: Favorite Jelly Belly

Question: What's your favorite Jelly Belly flavor? My Answer: Very Cherry. But really, the fact that there's so much variety is my favorite thing about Jelly Bellys. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

Boycotting Walgreens

I plan to boycott Walgreens. Why? Thanks for asking.

The Masters (Phil Wins)

Bah. I did a whole lot of sitting on my ass today watching golf. The third round kicked off at 8am (or rather, continued again after a delay on Saturday). Then the final round began at 2:30 and did not finish until 7:30. Phil Mickelson, phony that he is, won his second green jacket. Tomorrow […]

Question: What is your favorite sporting event in the world? My Answer: The Masters. And it's in a rain delay. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

Need a Digital Camera

Carey isn't comfortable using the SLR (a Canon Digital Rebel XT), so we're looking for a low-cost, small, point-and-shoot camera. I'll define low cost as $350 or less. I'll define point-and-shoot as one that ideally uses CompactFlash cards. I'll define "small" as something Carey can lug around in her purse or I can carry around […]