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Archive for August, 2006

Finder View Options HIG Abuse?

I was adjusting the icon view of my desktop today when I noticed some behavior that doesn't seem quite right. I typically keep things arranged by name (the last checkbox). The first checkbox is "Snap to grid." Checking the "Snap" checkbox dims (and de-selects) the "Keep arranged by" checkbox. Shouldn't these two items radio buttons […]

Madden 2007 on the Wii

I just read the preview and I'm excited! The use of the controller seems to be pretty great. Oh when oh when I can get my pre-order in, dangit?

Just wondering… if one were to recreate PulpFiction (i.e. all that it was and then some on top of that), what would you name such an application if you were in charge of naming such a product? Assume for the sake of argument that "NetNewsWire," "PulpFiction," "NewsFire," "Safari," and all variations and others not named […]

Anchored List Selection

I wish to convey in no uncertain terms my frustration and puzzlement regarding Mac OS X's default keyboard list selection behavior. You're damn right it's screwy.

Texas Roadhouse Portion Size

I ask you: does this portion size of mashed potatoes - not even a special order, but one of the normal choices of side dish - look a little small to you or what? Carey mentioned it to the waitress and she said "no, that's pretty normal." Then, thankfully, she brought me another small dish. […]

Is it just me, or does Stephen Colbert look a lot like Bob Saget? Oh yeah, an interesting story, too.

I hate shoddy reporting as much as the next guy. Apple (and its products) seem to attract a disproportionate share.

Somewhat Broken 404 Search

I think my 404 search broke because I lost some code along the way. Now I am trying to get it back. Update: Okay, all better.

I Despise Pirates Ownership

And this just about sums up why using only the past few days as evidence.

Scorecard 1.0 - an application a year in development (well, in calendar time, if you get the drift…) is now available. I've worked with Brad on this project for quite some time, and have been using it for months to keep track of my golf statistics. It works beautifully. There really are no comparative products […]