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Archive for August, 2006

There have been several "hacks" for vBulletin that allowed revenue sharing of ads shown through Google's AdSense program. First there was a hack from AlexanderT, then one from a fellow named "cinq" who has since fallen off the planet, and just today I found one from "webmastershome". There's also a $150 option from Steve Fleming, […]

Kids These Days, Part Two

Are kids these days - high school kids - so different from when I was in school 10-12 years ago? Apparently they were. Yesterday, having called a penalty on a kid on the golf team I assistant coach, I was both flipped off and sworn at. Then the kid failed to accept the penalty. After […]

QotD: How Many Files

Question: Open Disk Utility. Select your main disk. Look at "Number of Files" at the bottom. What does it say? My Answer: 667,836. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

QotD: iTunes Radio

Question: How often, if ever, do you listen to the "Radio" in iTunes? My Answer: I used to listen to it at work (@ Apple) quite frequently, but I never bother anymore. I have 10,000+ songs of my own to listen to. I should, though, to discover new music. You are encouraged to answer the […]

Wii Launch Lineup

According to this link, there will be 27 Wii launch titles. I only care about a few of them: Rayman Raving Rabbids, Madden NFL 07, and Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. And I'm not even sure I care much about the last one. Granted, I'm not sure what some of the games are. I know […]

Boston Market Returning to Erie?

The past two weeks, in the Sunday paper, we've received Boston Market coupons. Boston Market (for whom I used to work, and from whom I still received a 30% discount seven years after the fact in Florida because I still had my employee discount card) was in Erie until, oh, 1999 or so before KFC […]

Building an Outdoor Playhouse

I'd like to build an outdoor playhouse for my kiddo. I'm envisioning something I can build myself. I'm picturing a sand box below an upper floor (the actual "playhouse"), which would have walls and a ceiling, of course. Perhaps a slide would come out, perhaps a lower deck, and of course a ladder to get […]

QotD: WWDC 2K6 Disappointment

Question: Now that WWDC is over, what's your biggest disappointment? My Answer: The ship date. 😛 You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

My Bent Pinky Fingers

My pinky fingers are permanently "bent." They are this way because the second bone in my pinky fingers is not quite fully formed (nor will it ever be). Because of this, the last little bone in my pinky fingers "leans" to the side. According to my mom, my fingers were X-rayed and my doctor wrote […]

Mac OS X 10.4.7 to 10.5

I guess Apple isn't planning on too many system updates in the next, oh, eight months. We're already at 10.4.7 - which means they've got room for two major updates (10.4.8 and 10.4.9). After that, we'd have to start getting 104 MB "security updates." 🙂

QotD: Migraines

Question: Do you get migraines? What are the symptoms? My Answer: Not generally. Rarely I'll get a big headache, but I don't know that I'd call them a migraine. If some rest and an Aleve can clear it up, it's not a migraine. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself […]

NFL Network is broadcasting pre-season games. Yay! Wait, football season is here already? What the heck?

QotD: WWDC Keynote 2006

Question: What was your favorite thing about WWDC 2006's keynote? My Answer: I'll update my own answer after I've watched the thing. I forgot about it until now and, as can be expected, the stream is still painful to watch. Update: I still haven't watched the keynote (and likely won't until tomorrow). I love iChat […]

Rock and Box Question

You have three boxes. One is red, one is yellow, one is green. You also have six unique rocks. How many ways can you put the six rocks in the three boxes if you must put two rocks in each box? Explain how you arrive at your answer.

QotD: Sleep Delay

Question: How long does it take you to fall asleep? My Answer: Over 30 minutes in the summer, a bit less in the winter. I can't fall asleep if I'm too warm at all. Little One takes about an hour, and Carey's usually out before she's even tried to fall asleep. 😀 You are encouraged […]